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Entry Author Date Location
Digital Chocolate Secures $5,000,000 New Funding Round 01/18/12 San Francisco
Google, Motorola, SecondMarket: The 1-Minute Version of Last Week’s Bay Area Biztech News 08/22/11 San Francisco
Digital Chocolate Eats Up Sandlot Games 08/20/11 San Francisco
Digital Chocolate Lands $12,000,000 Series D Financing Round 02/22/11 San Francisco
A Bidding War for 3Par, a Trademark War over Mafia Wars, a Barrage of New Y Combinator Startups, & More Bay Area BizTech and Life Sciences News 08/30/10 San Francisco
The Wars over Mafia Wars: Dissecting Digital Chocolate’s Case Against Zynga 08/26/10 San Francisco
Digital Chocolate Sues Zynga 08/25/10 San Francisco
Drop the Incrementalism & More Advice on How to Create a Stable Hub for Innovation 07/02/10 San Francisco
Step One Toward Sustainable Innovation: Stop Overpaying Employees 06/18/10 San Francisco
Casual Games May Be Recession-Proof; Companies Report Record Revenues, and Some Surprising Trends 11/24/08 National
Gaming the Industry: Defining, Pitching, and Monetizing Casual Games at Casual Connect 07/24/08 Seattle
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