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As Book Prices Drop, Big Publishers Push Into Software and Edtech 08/04/14 Boston
Northwest Deals: Hootsuite, Symform, Avalara, X2Impact, Osprit 09/16/11 Seattle
Seattle Tech Luminaries in the News: Redfin, Jeremy Jaech, and Kindle Vs. iPad 04/26/10 Seattle
How Amazon Innovates: Lessons in Strategy for Microsoft and Others 02/25/10 Seattle
Amazon Kindle E-Books Expand Reach 02/19/10 Seattle
Amazon Said to Buy Touchscreen Startup: Implications for the Kindle and E Ink Display 02/04/10 Seattle
Why the Apple iPad Is a Kindle Killer, or Not—and How Amazon Must Step Up 01/29/10 Seattle
Friend or Foe: How Apple Is Forcing Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and AT&T to Raise Their Game 01/21/10 Seattle
A Comparison of E-Book Readers for the New Year 01/06/10 Seattle
Amazon Highlights: Jeff Bezos Interview, an E-Commerce Competitor, and Nook Reviews 12/07/09 Seattle
Seattle’s Bill McCoy, E-Books and Digital Distribution Expert, Leaving Adobe 11/13/09 Seattle
Amazon, Microsoft Team Up for Kindle on PC 10/22/09 Seattle
Amazon, Microsoft Join Against Google Books Deal 08/21/09 Seattle
OLPC 2.0: After Layoffs, One Laptop Foundation Reboots With New Focus and Big Plans 01/29/09 Boston
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