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IBM Puts $240M Into Joint A.I. Research Lab With MIT 09/07/17 Boston
Global Innovation Exchange Plans Menu of IP Options for Students 12/05/16 Seattle
Innovation Has Deep Roots That Require Constant Tending 03/16/11 Boston
Dinner With Microsoft’s Craig Mundie: On Xbox Kinect, Instantaneous Total Recall, and a More Secretive Culture 11/29/10 National
Google Funds Research on Mobile Sensing at UW, Energy Efficiency at UC San Diego 02/02/10 Seattle
Intel Labs Seattle’s New Director, Dieter Fox, on Why the Future of Robotics Matters to Intel 09/29/09 Seattle
Microsoft Live Labs Reorganization, Questioned by Many, Is Great for Innovation, Says Lazowska 04/13/09 Seattle
New Microsoft Board Member Maria Klawe on Bill Gates, College Students, and Seattle Innovation 03/12/09 Seattle
How To Invent: Tips on Global Technology from Patrick Ennis of Intellectual Ventures (Part 1) 12/11/08 Seattle
Microsoft Research Asia Turns 10, Looks to Innovate in Multimedia, Cloud Computing, Ads 11/05/08 Seattle
Personal Robots, Home Sensing, Private Networks, and More from Intel Research Seattle’s Open House 10/02/08 Seattle
Intel’s Global Research Head, Andrew Chien, Sizes Up the State of West Coast Innovation 10/02/08 Seattle
Director of Intel Research Seattle Focuses on Game-Changing Technologies, Opening New Markets 10/01/08 Seattle
With Intellectual Ventures, Nathan Myhrvold Out to Create “Invention Capital” Industry—and Stop Hurricanes, Malaria, and Global Warming in the Process (Part 2) 08/26/08 Seattle
Microsoft’s Annual Cruise: Faculty Murmurs, Shooing Seagulls, and What Bill Gates Will Watch at the Olympics 07/30/08 Seattle
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