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Entry Author Date Location
SmartAsset Obtains $12,000,000 Series B Funding 09/09/16 New York
Datadog Secures $94,507,338 Series D Funding 01/12/16 New York
Pendo’s Engagement Software Clicks With VCs, Sparking $11M Round 10/28/15 Raleigh Durham
Pendo Lands $11,000,000 Series A Funding 10/28/15 Raleigh Durham
Source3 Receives $4,000,000 Seed Financing 09/15/15 New York
BounceX Garners $6,450,000 Series A Financing Round 08/12/15 New York
Ticketfly Receives $50,000,000 Series D Financing 07/15/15 San Francisco
Bench Accounting Receives $1,000,000 Seed Round 01/30/14 New York
YouBeauty Obtains $8,600,000 Series A Financing 07/30/13 New York
Bench Lands $2,000,000 Seed Funding Round 07/18/13 New York
Scratch Music Group Obtains New Funding 06/10/13 New York
Movable Ink Garners $11,000,000 Series B Funding Round 05/08/13 New York
Movable Ink Garners $11,000,000 Series B Funding 05/08/13 New York
True Office Wins $3M Series A Round with Games for Compliance Training 01/25/13 New York
True Office Secures $3,000,000 Series A Funding 01/25/13 Boston
Datadog Obtains $6,200,000 Series A Financing 11/22/12 New York
Punchbowl Brings Party Data to E-Retail and “Deductive Commerce” 09/25/12 Boston
Routehappy Receives $1,500,000 New Funding 09/06/12 New York
ShopKeep Leverages iPad to Disrupt Point-of-Sale System Incumbents 07/03/12 New York
Simplifi Holdings Garners $603,000 New Funding 03/31/12 Texas
ShopKeep.com Raises $2.2M in Series A Round, Plans New Hires 01/17/12 New York
ShopKeep Secures $2,200,000 Series A Round 01/17/12 New York
Zipmark Grabs $2M to Develop Mobile Payment System 12/13/11 New York
Movable Ink Obtains $1,300,000 New Funding 10/13/11 New York
Voxy Secures $2,800,000 New Funding 08/11/11 New York
On Deck Capital Gets $4M in Follow to Series C Round 08/05/11 New York
Simplifi Holdings Secures $1,206,000 New Financing 06/30/11 Texas
On Quirky’s Site, Anyone Can Invent a Hit Consumer Product 06/21/11 New York
Qwiki Hits the iPad 04/20/11 San Francisco
Kohort Raises $3 Million Seed Round for Social Media Startup 04/19/11 New York
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