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Entry Author Date Location
Cisco Scoops Up BNI Video for $99M, Moves Deeper Into TV 10/20/11 Boston
JiWire Raises $20M 05/06/11 San Francisco
JiWire Lands $20,000,000 Series C Funding 05/06/11 San Francisco
Toyota Invests in WiTricity, Gambling.com Goes for $2.5M on Sedo, eBay Buys FigCard to Roll Into PayPal, & More Boston-Area Deals News 05/04/11 Boston
TA, Summit Put $350M Into Bigpoint 04/27/11 Boston
Fwix Receives $4,000,000 Series B Round 04/19/11 San Francisco
Flipboard Pulls in $50 Million, Partners with Oprah 04/15/11 San Francisco
Flipboard Receives $50,000,000 Series B Funding Round 04/14/11 San Francisco
Perfect Market Technologies Obtains $9,000,000 New Round 01/18/11 San Diego
Ortiva Raises $8M, VMIX Establishes European Beachead, Three Finalists Selected for Venture Group’s $20K Pitchfest, & More San Diego BizTech News 11/22/10 San Diego
Intel Capital Leads Venture Funding in Ortiva Wireless, 17 Others 11/16/10 San Diego
RGB Networks Raises $20M 10/25/10 San Francisco
CarWoo Promises Car Buyers Hassle-Free Quotes Online, Raises $4.2 Million 10/13/10 San Francisco
Carwoo Lands $4,500,000 Series A Financing Round 10/13/10 San Francisco
BNI Video Reveals Software That Could Better Enable Cable Companies to Compete With Internet Video Providers 10/12/10 Boston
Small Deals Add Up: A Roundup of Under-the-Radar Deals in San Diego 08/19/10 San Diego
Stealthy Beaumaris Networks Banks $9M, Appears to Be Expanding in China 08/04/10 Boston
BlackArrow Receives $20,000,000 Series C Funding 04/19/10 San Francisco
$2M for Cedar Point Communications 11/30/09 Boston
iControl Networks Receives $23,000,000 Series C Funding 07/22/09 San Francisco
Vyatta Garners $10,300,000 New Financing Round 06/08/09 San Francisco
Vertex Puts up $375M for ViroChem, Nuance Finally Nabs Zi, Proteon Procures $38M, & More Boston-Area Deals News 03/06/09 Boston
Verivue Launches Media Delivery System, Scores $40 Million B Round 03/04/09 Boston
JiWire Garners $11,100,000 Series B Financing 12/10/08 San Francisco
Takeda Hands $20M Over to Alnylam, Skyhook Helps Mozilla Find its Way, Nuance Nabs Nokia Agreement, & More Boston-Area Deals News 10/14/08 Boston
BlackArrow Garners $20,000,000 New Funding Round 10/06/08 San Francisco
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