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Coffee Meets Bagel Starts Premium Model to Push In-App Currency 03/22/17 San Francisco
This Old Coffee Factory in San Antonio Might Upend Manufacturing 11/14/16 Texas
Craft Beer and Coffee: The Rise of Dublin’s Innovation Culture 10/30/14 National
Coffee Goes from Folger’s, to Starbucks, to Tech-Driven ‘Third Wave’ 06/07/13 National
Hamburgers, Coffee, Guitars, and Cars: A Report from Lemnos Labs 06/12/12 San Francisco
Cape Cod Startup PartingGift Looks to Gamify Market Research 08/09/11 Boston
KangoGift Platform Sends Gift Vouchers Via Text, Brings Virtual Goods Convenience to Real-World Use 09/23/10 Boston
Amazon Acquires Woot, Symform Raises $4M, Starbucks Offers Wi-Fi for All, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 07/06/10 Seattle
Starbucks Offers Free Wi-Fi 07/01/10 Seattle
10 Stories from Xconomy Seattle’s Early Days (With Some Added Perspective) 06/25/10 Seattle
TechStars Seattle Seeks Applicants 03/30/10 Seattle
Dan Levitan on Maveron’s Bay Area Expansion, Its Latest Stealth Startup, and His First Starbucks 11/19/09 Seattle
Top 5 Latest and Greatest iPhone Apps from Seattle 10/01/09 Seattle
A Manifesto for Speed 08/28/09 National
The Shoeshine Oracles: Tech-Business Lessons from the Street 08/07/09 Seattle
MicroGreen Polymers Grabs $1.6M to Put Green Plastics Into Your Morning Coffee Cup 07/09/09 Seattle
From Starbucks to Startups: Rob Grady’s Take on What Coffee and Web 2.0 Have in Common 01/29/09 Seattle
Hey Life Sciences Fans, Remember The Deals Back in 2008… 01/05/09 Boston
Seattle’s Top 10 Innovation Stories of the Half-Year (and Others We Just Plain Liked) 12/31/08 Seattle
Washington’s Life Sciences Ambassador, Jack Faris, Exits the Stage 12/29/08 Seattle
Where Food Meets Tech: iPhone Apps, Bacon Salt, The Coffee Nazi, and Other Tasty Seattle Connections 12/19/08 Seattle
Datacastle Gets $5.3M, Geospiza Goes Gene-Sifting, Bsquare Buys TechQuest, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 11/25/08 Seattle
Where Innovators Meet Up: The Greater Seattle Coffee Cluster, Part Two 11/21/08 Seattle
Accelerator Accepts $4.5M, EMC Merges Mozy and Pi, EnerG2 Tells All, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 11/18/08 Seattle
Where Innovators Meet Up: The Greater Seattle Coffee Cluster 11/14/08 Seattle
Founder’s Co-op Gets Warm Reception, Wants Startups That Will Survive Cold Recession 10/16/08 Seattle
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