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See You Tonight at “Biotech’s Back in Seattle” 11/29/10 Seattle
Only a Few Tickets Left for Xconomy “Biotech’s Back in Seattle” Event on Nov. 29 11/24/10 Seattle
ZymoGenetics CEO Exits Stage, Resolve’s Recession-Era Biotech Plan, Ikaria Pulls IPO, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 11/11/10 Seattle
Who Will Keep the Flame Alive for Seattle Biotech? Hear From the Players Nov. 29 11/09/10 Seattle
Q&A With Doug Williams: Reflecting on ZymoGenetics, Looking Ahead at Seattle Biotech 11/09/10 Seattle
Biotech’s Back in Seattle: Xconomy Forum to Convene Leaders of Dendreon, Seattle Genetics 10/13/10 Seattle
Seattle Genetics, Millennium Nail 2nd Straight Trial With “Empowered Antibody” For Cancer 10/11/10 Seattle
Seattle Genetics, Millennium Generate “Dream” Data With Empowered Antibody Drug for Cancer 09/27/10 Seattle
Seattle Genetics’ Dark Horse Drug Candidate Fails in Key Study 09/13/10 Seattle
Seattle Genetics’ Dark Horse Drug Candidate Approaches Home Stretch in Leukemia Study 06/22/10 Seattle
Genentech’s Souped-Up Herceptin: The Odyssey Toward a More Powerful Breast Cancer Drug 06/14/10 San Francisco
Seattle Genetics, Growing Up in a Hurry With Millennium, Aims to Make Most of Cancer Drug 05/26/10 Seattle
The Value of Bumping Into People in the Hall: A Lesson from the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 01/15/10 Seattle
Alder Rises from Ashes, Seattle Genetics Gets Empowered, ZymoGenetics Nets $79M & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 01/07/10 Seattle
Seattle Genetics Maps Out a Future With Antibody Drugs That Are “Empowered” 01/06/10 Seattle
The 12 Days of Xconomists: Leading Innovators Give Their Top Advances of the Past Decade 01/05/10 National
Alder Rises From Ashes of Layoffs to Become Seattle Biotech Force 01/04/10 Seattle
Dendreon Nails Down $409M, Stewart Parker Gets Itch to Return, Seattle Genetics Finds New Partner, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 12/17/09 Seattle
The Top Five Biotech Innovations of the 2000s 12/15/09 Seattle
Seattle Genetics Nabs $60M Upfront From Millennium For “Empowered Antibody” 12/15/09 Seattle
Alder’s Breakout $1B Deal, Kineta Teams With UW on Vaccines, Verathon Gets Acquired, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 11/12/09 Seattle
Alder and New Partner, Bristol, to Give Amgen and Abbott a Run for Their Money 11/11/09 Seattle
Seattle Genetics Shares Drop on Halted Lymphoma Trial 10/05/09 Seattle
Seattle Genetics “Empowered Antibody” Wipes Out Hodgkin’s Tumors in Early Study 06/01/09 Seattle
Seattle Genetics’ Financing Tale, Johnny Stine Sticks it to VCs, Puget Sound’s Biotech Universe, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 02/12/09 Seattle
Hey, Don’t Forget the Puget Sound Life Sciences Universe! 02/09/09 Seattle
Seattle Genetics Defies Gravity With Biotech’s First Underwritten Stock Sale in Six Months 02/05/09 Seattle
Dendreon Expects Results in April, Seattle Genetics Plans Hodgkin’s Trial, ImaRx Moves to Town & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 01/22/09 Seattle
Seattle Genetics Unveils Pivotal Trial Plan for “Empowered Antibody” 01/21/09 Seattle
Five Questions for Seattle Biotech, Medical Device Leaders About the Year Ahead 01/21/09 Seattle
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