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Big Fish Cuts Bait on Cloud Service, Lays Off 49 in Seattle 08/21/13 Seattle
Zynga to Shutter Offices in New York, Dallas, LA—Game Over for OMGPOP 06/04/13 New York
Passion, Casual-ness, & Money: Themes from MIT’s Business in Gaming 04/10/12 Boston
Allen vs. Gates and Ballmer, Amazon Takes on Apple, Intellectual Ventures Whips Up a Market, & More in the Seattle-Area Tech Roundup 04/05/11 Seattle
Fast Gets Faster: Zipline’s Moai Seeks to Speed Up Mobile Game Development by Knocking Down Language Barriers 04/04/11 Seattle
Z2Live’s Latest Round Worth $2.5M 03/30/11 Seattle
Amazon’s Netflix Challenger, Kinect’s Development Kit, PopCap’s Looming IPO 02/22/11 Seattle
PlayFirst Wins $9.2M 10/13/10 San Francisco
Nick Hanauer and Rich Barton Start New Social Gaming Company “King of the Web” 10/06/10 Seattle
Novel Seeks to Marry Casual Games With MMOs in “Empire & State” 10/01/10 Seattle
Casual Connect’s Main Theme in 2010: The Intersection of Casual and Social Gaming is a Game Changer 07/23/10 Seattle
Serious Gaming: Looking Ahead to Casual Connect 07/19/10 Seattle
Big Fish, Z2Live Add Voice Chat to Games 07/08/10 Seattle
With Loudcrowd, Nabeel Hyatt Sees Mult-Billion-Dollar Opportunity in Music Gaming: “This Thing Is Ours to Screw Up” 03/18/09 Boston
Casual Games May Be Recession-Proof; Companies Report Record Revenues, and Some Surprising Trends 11/24/08 National
LaughNetwork Joins Pangea 09/24/08 Boston
Gaming Away the Holiday Weekend at the Penny Arcade Expo (Part 2) 09/02/08 Seattle
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