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Entry Author Date Location
Textio’s Data Sharing Points to Machine Learning Business Model 11/30/16 Seattle
Ex-NYT Editor’s Startup Takes Shape, Raises Business Questions 04/02/15 Boston
Trust but Verify: When Customer Feedback is Not Enough 07/03/14 San Francisco
Five Lessons for Consumer Tech Startups in Springpad Shutdown 05/28/14 Boston
“Fledgling” Startups Provide Power, Light, and Food in East Africa 05/06/14 Seattle
Is This the End of Premium Pricing in Drug and Device Innovation? 11/27/13 San Francisco
As ReVision Raises $55M, Domain’s Dovey Assesses Rusnano Gambit 07/30/13 San Diego
Tred Brings Cars To Test Drive, But Dealers Still Close the Deal 06/19/13 Seattle
Seattle Trying Innovative Financing Model for Building Efficiency 06/12/13 Seattle
High Hanging Fruit 02/18/13 Boston
Tough B Rounds and Valuations, New Business Models in 2013 12/24/12 New York
The Enterprise Sales Game Has Changed. Have You? 10/17/12 Boston
Vision or Hallucination? Founders and Pivots 08/29/12 San Francisco
Harvest Power, With $100M+ in Revenue, Raises $110M in Tough Cleantech Market 04/12/12 Boston
Innovation in Startup Business Models 04/05/12 Boston
SF’s Prescience Sharpens New Biotech Business Model in San Diego 12/09/11 San Diego
Lessons on Bouncing Back From Disaster 12/08/11 New York
Choosing The Right Business Model For Your App 04/15/11 San Francisco
Rodney Brooks at NVCA: Why the World Needs Robots, and What VCs Need to Watch Out For 04/07/11 Boston
How Semantic and Social Search Are Evolving: Lessons From the Evri-Twine Merger 03/15/10 Seattle
BuddyTV’s Andy Liu on the One That Got Away, and What He’d Ask the God of Business 03/08/10 Seattle
Picnik CEO on Getting Bought by Google, and How It Affects Startups and Consumers 03/01/10 Seattle
AFraxis CEO Outlines Biotech’s Success With Ultra-Lean Pre-Clinical R&D in Russia 02/26/10 San Diego
Nathan Myhrvold Shares Plan to Create Invention Capital Industry, but Skeptics Abound 02/18/10 Seattle
Cozi CEO Confirms $5M Funding, Affirms Advertising Business Model 02/17/10 Seattle
Apple Vs. Google, Genome Sequencing Goes Commercial, and More OVP Predictions for 2010 12/18/09 Seattle
Google Senior Exec Alan Eustace on Innovation Strategy and the Technology of the Next Decade 12/16/09 National
Google, Bing, VCs, and Startups on One Stage: Xconomy Forum to Tackle the Future of Search 10/22/09 Seattle
HelpHive Tests “Pay Per Job” Model, Connects Home-Service Businesses with Consumers 10/21/09 Seattle
Reality is Virtual at San Diego’s Tioga Pharmaceuticals 09/11/09 San Diego
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