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Entry Author Date Location
$7M for ThredUp 05/13/11 San Francisco
Bertlesmann Grabs Smashing Ideas 05/05/11 Seattle
Amazon’s Cloud Crash, Under-the-Radar Inventions, Zillow’s Trend-Setting IPO, & More in the Seattle-Area Tech Roundup 04/26/11 Seattle
Paul Allen, the Quiet Billionaire with Fingerprints All Over Seattle, Shows the Hometown Crowd a Bit of Himself 04/25/11 Seattle
Zillow Files for IPO, PopCap Heading the Same Way, Zynga Beckons Local Talent, & More in the Seattle-Area Tech Roundup 04/19/11 Seattle
Paul Allen’s Billionaire Book Tour Continues with a “60 Minutes” Sitdown This Weekend 04/14/11 Seattle
Northwest Entrepreneur Network Showcases Startups in Health Care, Software, Clean Power, Apparel, & Plenty More 04/13/11 Seattle
Allen vs. Gates and Ballmer, Amazon Takes on Apple, Intellectual Ventures Whips Up a Market, & More in the Seattle-Area Tech Roundup 04/05/11 Seattle
Paul Allen’s Book: Rich Guy Spats, Early Days with Gates, and Being OK as a Generalist 03/30/11 Seattle
Chegg, Fending Off Rivals, Overhauls Textbook Rental Site to Include Class Scheduling and Homework Help 03/24/11 San Francisco
How to Enchant Your Way to Tech Success, Kawasaki Style 03/18/11 National
Geoffrey Moore: Why Middle Managers Are the New Kings, Stiff-arming Shortsightedness, & the Money “Chasm” in the Mobile-Social Sphere 03/16/11 Seattle
BookRenter Takes In $40M, Seeks to Overtake Chegg in College Textbook Rentals 02/23/11 San Francisco
What’s With All the Mass Customization Startups in Boston? One Investor’s Opinion 02/08/11 Boston
The World’s Most Innovative City 02/02/11 Boston
Inkling Reinvents Textbooks for the iPad 12/14/10 San Francisco
Wealthy Will Laugh All the Way to the Bank If I-1098 Tax Measure Fails, Says Investor and Activist Nick Hanauer 11/01/10 Seattle
Borders, BookBrewer Team Up for E-Publishing 10/15/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Customer Development by the Numbers 10/07/10 Boston
Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh on Selling to Amazon Vs. Microsoft, Fixing His Biggest Mistakes, and Why Harvard Entrepreneurs Go West 09/28/10 National
Lighting Up the World’s Text: A Talk with Vook Founder Brad Inman 08/13/10 National
The iPad May Kill the Kindle, But Amazon Could Still Come Out Ahead: The Only Comparison You Need to Read 04/30/10 National
Seattle Tech Luminaries in the News: Redfin, Jeremy Jaech, and Kindle Vs. iPad 04/26/10 Seattle
Swaptree Raises $4.8 Million 03/16/10 Boston
Video and Books: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together? 02/26/10 National
How Amazon Innovates: Lessons in Strategy for Microsoft and Others 02/25/10 Seattle
Alibris Acquires Monsoon 02/23/10 Seattle
Amazon Highlights: Jeff Bezos Interview, an E-Commerce Competitor, and Nook Reviews 12/07/09 Seattle
Panraven Raises $2.7 Million 11/30/09 Boston
E Ink Partners with Freescale 10/20/09 Boston
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