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Glimpsing Digital Publishing’s Future at Codex Hackathon at MIT 01/12/16 Boston
Are Humans the Key to Discovery in a World of Digital Abundance? 07/23/15 San Francisco
Summer Reading List: True Tales That Will Inspire and Educate You 06/01/15 Boston
BookBub Snags $7M for Discounted Book Tool 05/19/15 Boston
Hawaii Project Taps Search to Suggest Right Books for the Beach 04/02/15 Boston
Innovation Hub: Rise of the Nerds 08/22/14 National
As Book Prices Drop, Big Publishers Push Into Software and Edtech 08/04/14 Boston
Dave Eggers’s “The Circle” Fails as Satire, Succeeds as Prophecy 07/25/14 National
Innovation Hub: Businesses Know You’re Biased 06/06/14 Boston
Menlo’s Rich Sheridan on Building an Intentionally Joyful Workplace 01/09/14 Detroit Ann Arbor
Hamburger Heaven: Business Lessons from a Child’s Bookshelf 11/16/13 San Francisco
The Winds of the Future: 5 Ways San Francisco Stays Innovative 10/04/13 National
Reimagining Work: Scott Berkun’s Year Without Pants at Automattic 09/27/13 National
Amazon’s Acquisition of Goodreads: The True Ventures Perspective 03/28/13 San Francisco
Introverts and the Internet 01/25/13 National
Photo Books from Blurb: A High-Tech Gift Idea with Low-Tech Charm 11/30/12 National
The Strange Glamor of the Zombie Apocalypse 11/16/12 National
Y Combinator Gets an Historian: Inside YC’s Summer 2011 Session 09/13/12 San Francisco
A Summer Reading List for Biotech Pros 07/16/12 National
Can We Be Too Connected? A Harvard Scholar Explores Interoperability 06/22/12 National
Xconomist of the Week: Len Schlesinger on Learning by Doing 05/10/12 Boston
Amazon Expands Content-Creation Play with Original TV Show Project 05/02/12 Seattle
Amazon’s Fight Against Content Middlemen: Books, TV, Movies, Games 04/23/12 Seattle
By Invitation Only: A Story of Entrepreneur Passion and Leadership 04/17/12 New York
Xconomist of the Week: Jason Baptiste and the Ultralight Startup 04/12/12 New York
LinkedIn: The Missing Manual Worth Reading 02/17/12 National
Odyl Launches Facebook Platform for Authors and Publishers 09/13/11 New York
TIBCO’s Vivek Ranadivé on the “Death of Science,” the Rise of Pattern Recognition, and the Power of Data in Basketball 08/10/11 San Francisco
Three E-Books That Are Making the iPad Sing, Just in Time for Summer Reading Season 07/01/11 National
Kno Launches iPad Textbook App 06/06/11 San Francisco
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