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Who Needs a Mega-Hit? 12-Year-Old Big Fish Games Sold for $885M 11/13/14 Seattle
Big Fish Cuts Bait on Cloud Service, Lays Off 49 in Seattle 08/21/13 Seattle
Meet Double Down’s Lone Investor: Ron Erickson Talks Online Gambling 08/23/12 Seattle
Jackpot: Big Fish Games Dives into Real-Money Online Gambling 08/16/12 Seattle
Overseas Pirates a Big Target for Big Fish Games’ Streaming Service 08/02/12 Seattle
Big Fish Games Hooks New Revenue Streams with Cloud Service 07/24/12 Seattle
Big Fish Games Founder Thelen Back in CEO Job 04/27/12 Seattle
Big Fish Games Receives $11,944,796 New Financing Round 04/19/12 Seattle
Big Fish Games Paid Nearly $12M in Stock for Self Aware Games 04/18/12 Seattle
New York Social Game Makers Go Mobile to Grow in a Post-Zynga World 03/28/12 New York
Big Fish Games Adds a Big Fish, Angel Investor and Web Veteran Geoff Entress, to Its Board 02/01/11 Seattle
Are Startup-Hungry MIT MBAs Sleepless in Seattle? 01/25/11 Boston
Zynga Expands to Seattle 10/13/10 San Francisco
Nick Hanauer and Rich Barton Start New Social Gaming Company “King of the Web” 10/06/10 Seattle
Are Casual Games Dead? Viximo and Z2Live Founders Weigh In Coast-to-Coast on Social Gaming Movement 08/13/10 Boston
Casual Connect’s Main Theme in 2010: The Intersection of Casual and Social Gaming is a Game Changer 07/23/10 Seattle
Serious Gaming: Looking Ahead to Casual Connect 07/19/10 Seattle
Microsoft Partners Up in Cloud-Computing Platform, Cobalt Gets Bought for $400M, Lockerz Reels in VC Funding, and Other Seattle-Area Deals News 07/13/10 Seattle
Big Fish, Z2Live Add Voice Chat to Games 07/08/10 Seattle
Smilebox Raises $2M, Keeps Pushing E-Cards and Photo Services 02/23/10 Seattle
Visible Gets $22M to Expand, Tantalus Tracks Down $14M for Smart Grid, Avnera Closes $10M for Audio Chips, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 01/20/10 Seattle
Big Fish Expands Deal with PlayFirst 01/13/10 Seattle
Seattle Game Developers and Startups Go Social and Mobile, As Industry Shifts 11/24/09 Seattle
Big Fish Hires Senior Execs 10/28/09 Seattle
PopCap Games Raises $22.5M in First Outside Funding Round 10/06/09 Seattle
A Recap of Penny Arcade Expo: The Ultimate Destination for Gaming Fans 09/08/09 Seattle
Gaming Away the Holiday: The Top 10 Sessions at PAX 09/04/09 Seattle
12 Tech Firms in WA Make Inc. 500 08/12/09 Seattle
Amazon Buys Zappos, General Fusion and Finsphere Get $9M Each, Big Fish Partners with People.com, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 07/28/09 Seattle
Big Fish Goes Cinematic, Nintendo Sees Opportunities for Developers at Casual Connect 07/21/09 Seattle
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