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Entry Author Date Location
Taking the Moneyball Approach to Healthcare with ArborMetrix 08/13/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
State Launches Pure Michigan Venture Fund 07/30/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
Student-Led Wolverine Venture Fund Invests in Sonitus Medical 06/04/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
Michigan VC Report Highlights Positive Trends 05/25/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
Flagship Ventures Plans to Open Michigan Office 02/01/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
Tangent Medical Technologies Garners $4,500,000 Series A Round 11/03/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Arboretum Closes Third Fund with $140 Million 09/08/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
With Esperion Reboot, Lipitor Co-Discoverer Roger Newton Pushes For Therapy Beyond Drugs 05/25/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
The Man With The Golden Touch: Jeff Williams Eyes Triple Crown Of Sorts With Life Magnetics 05/16/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Serial Entrepreneur Jeff Williams To Lead Life Magnetics 04/25/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Back For More: Renaissance Venture Capital Funding Arboretum Ventures III 04/19/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Get Your Ticket Now for Michigan 2031 on April 14 and Get a Free Copy of Josh Linkner’s NYT Best Selling Book, Disciplined Dreaming 04/08/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
MyHealthDirect Obtains $4,000,000 Series B Funding Round 04/06/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Accuri Exit Showers Michigan With A Lot Of Love 03/30/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Countdown to Michigan 2031: Will Medical Devices Lead the Way? 03/28/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Southwest Michigan First Life Science Fund Seeks Additional Firepower 03/24/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
NxThera Obtains $12,600,000 Series B Round 03/16/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Accuri Generates Windfall for Plymouth Ventures, But Not University of Michigan 02/15/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Arboretum Ventures in Ann Arbor Seeks Greener Pastures With New $125M Fund 02/09/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor redux: Becton Dickinson and Co. buys medtech startup Accuri Cytometers 02/08/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
The Story of Detroit Added Some Significant Chapters in 2010; Here Are 10 of Them 12/23/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Arboretum Invests in Pathology Company 11/02/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
PathCentral Receives $10,000,000 Series B Round 11/02/10 San Diego
Michigan Venture Funds: A List of Recent Closings and Firms Raising Money Now 09/21/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Michigan’s Renaissance “Fund of Funds” Closes at Nearly $50M, Ready to Make Connections Between VCs and Entrepreneurs 09/07/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Accuri Cytometers Raises $6M for Smaller, Cheaper Cell Analysis Instruments 07/12/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Accuri Cytometers Obtains $6,000,000 Series E Round 07/12/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Uptake Medical Raises $17.5M for Emphysema Device 07/07/10 Seattle
Uptake Medical Corp Obtains $17,500,000 Series B Round 07/07/10 Seattle
All-Michigan VC Team Helps Bring State-Grown Medical Imaging Technology to Market 06/03/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
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