“algae” Archives

Entry Author Date Location
Virtual Initiative Cultivating Algae Industry Bloom in San Diego 02/12/09 San Diego
A Mini-Cluster of Algae-to-Biofuels Technology Blooms in San Diego 12/30/08 San Diego
Abbott Buys Isis’ Diagnostics Subsidiary, Ligand Binds With GlaxoSmithKline, Ardea Raises $30M & More San Diego BizTech News 12/22/08 San Diego
SAIC Gets Biofuels R&D Contract 12/16/08 San Diego
Sapphire Energy, Backed by Bill Gates, Tries to Tone Down the Hype as it Makes Gasoline From Algae 11/13/08 San Diego
Investors Talk Biofuels Winners, Latecomers to the Party, and $100 Billion Dollar Companies at Algae Biomass Summit 10/24/08 Seattle
Vinod Khosla Speaks at Seattle’s Algae Biomass Summit 10/23/08 Seattle
Bill Gates, Arch Venture Back Biofuel Maker Sapphire Energy 09/17/08 Seattle
Dendreon Proceeds With Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials, AXI Gets Oil from Algae, PATH Prepares to Launch “Ultra Rice,” & More Deals News 08/18/08 Seattle
University of Washington, Allied Minds Team Up to Launch Biofuel Company, AXI 08/13/08 Seattle
Codon Signs Partnership to Develop Biofuels From Algae 07/08/08 Boston
Greenfuel Extends Funding Round, Collects $13.9 Million 05/14/08 Boston
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