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Qualcomm Creates Open-Source Subsidiary, SDG&E Gets $28M for Smart Grid & More San Diego BizTech News 11/02/09 San Diego
Two Things I Learned During My Tour of Sapphire Energy 10/27/09 San Diego
Verdezyne Gets $1.7M Grant 10/19/09 San Diego
VC is Up or Down Depending on Who You Read, Congress Looks to Revive SBIC Program, & More San Diego BizTech News 10/19/09 San Diego
Fill’er up: San Diego’s Algae-Based Energy Sector Grows 10/16/09 San Diego
Plan to Provide Federal Funding for Early-Stage Investments Perfect for San Diego’s Innovation Economy, Says Connect’s Roth 10/15/09 San Diego
Algae Biofuels Skeptics Emphasize Need for Realistic Outlook and Business Discipline 10/14/09 San Diego
‘Restraint’ an Unspoken Watchword of Algae Biomass Sessions 10/08/09 San Diego
J. Craig Venter Cancels Algae Summit Keynote for White House Ceremony 10/05/09 San Diego
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Chip Keeps Smartbooks “Always On,” Sapphire Energy Developing Bio-Refinery, EvoNexus Picks First Startups, & More San Diego BizTech News 09/14/09 San Diego
San Diego’s Sapphire Energy Plans Bio-Refinery in New Mexico as ‘Algaeus’ Begins Promotional Cross-Country Tour 09/08/09 San Diego
All Green on the Western Front: San Diego Algae Pioneers Provide Glimpse of the Future of Biofuels 08/27/09 San Diego
Synthetic Genomics Gets Big Oil Funding for Algae Biofuel, Qualcomm May Pull Plug on LifeComm, Aculon’s Nanocoating Replaces Toxic Chromium, & More San Diego BizTech News 07/20/09 San Diego
Synthetic Genomics to Build Algae Biofuels Facility in San Diego 07/14/09 San Diego
ExxonMobil Makes $600 Million Bet on Biofuels—And Synthetic Genomics 07/14/09 San Diego
Qualcomm and Broadcom Sign Patent Peace Treaty, A Green Day for San Diego (as in Algae, Not Rock n’ Roll), Corporate Crisis Hits Sequenom, & Other San Diego BizTech News 05/04/09 San Diego
Prize Capital Moves Closer to Creating $10 Million Algae Fuel Prize 04/28/09 San Diego
San Diego to Host Biomass Event 03/31/09 San Diego
San Diego’s Cleantech Cluster: The A to Z List of Clean-Technology and Alternative-Energy Innovation 03/25/09 San Diego
Early Histogen Study Offers Hope for Retreating Hairlines, Cadence Pharmaceuticals and Vertex Raise Lots of Cash, Unmanned Predator Begins New Air Patrol, & More San Diego BizTech News 02/23/09 San Diego
Kent BioEnergy, With Decades of Algae Experience, Predicts Biofuel Innovation Will Come From “A Guy on a Tractor” 02/20/09 San Diego
Qualcomm Buys Multimedia Technology, SD Consortium Advances Biofuels Initiative, Biotech VCs Adapt, & More San Diego BizTech News 01/26/09 San Diego
San Diego Algae Biofuels Industry Gains Steam With R&D Consortium 01/21/09 San Diego
Sapphire Energy, Backed by Bill Gates, Tries to Tone Down the Hype as it Makes Gasoline From Algae 11/13/08 San Diego
Investors Talk Biofuels Winners, Latecomers to the Party, and $100 Billion Dollar Companies at Algae Biomass Summit 10/24/08 Seattle
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