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Trade Shows Go Virtual at ON24; The Civilized Alternative to Second Life? 11/03/11 San Francisco
Eric Ries and the Origins of the Lean Startup Theory—The Full Xconomy Interview 07/06/11 San Francisco
Say Hello to My Avatar: Bob Metcalfe Gives First UT Innovation Lecture Using Avaya Web Interface 01/20/11 Boston
The “Disney-Sized Imaginations” at Loveland Are Out to Reverse Detroit’s Decay with Digital Maps 10/14/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Playdom Takes Over Metaplace 07/09/10 San Diego
Hangout Hooks Another $2M 03/31/10 Boston
BuddyTV Rising Fast, Looking for New Revenue Streams in a Changed Media Landscape 01/28/10 Seattle
Incoming Viximo CEO Sees a Burgeoning Economy of Virtual Goods 01/06/10 Boston
Metaplace Pulling Plug on Website 12/22/09 San Diego
Using Google’s Building Maker to Change the Face of Boston 11/20/09 National
Vivox Opens Facebook Voice Chat 10/05/09 Boston
Need to Catch Up With Digital Natives? Check These Seven Projects to Spread Your Digital Wings 09/18/09 Boston
Put Yourself On the Map, Build a Virtual House: Seven Projects to Stretch Your Digital Wings, Part Three 09/18/09 National
Vivox, Bringer of Voice to Virtual Worlds, Strikes Major Deal with Electronic Arts 09/15/09 Boston
Hangout Adds $4M to Series A Round 06/04/09 Boston
No Recession in WeeWorld: Teen Socializing Drives Growing Virtual Goods Revenues 05/14/09 Boston
UCSD Starts Digital Media Center 03/18/09 San Diego
Hangout Hires Former Disney Exec 03/18/09 Boston
Roam the Web with Your Weblin Avatar 10/29/08 Boston
Metaplace Secures $6.7 Million for Virtual Worlds 10/22/08 San Diego
Hangout Lets It All Hang Out, Wants to Become a 3-D, Interactive MySpace 09/08/08 Boston
Google Earth Grows a New Crop of 3-D Buildings, and Other Web Morsels to Savor 04/18/08 Boston
New $7 Million Funding Round Will Help EveryScape Add Scope to Its Scape 03/05/08 Boston
38 Studios Licenses Australian Virtual-Worlds Technology 02/27/08 Boston
Live Gamer to Take Over Everquest Exchange 02/11/08 Boston
Live Gamer Aims to Civilize the Gray Market for Virtual Goods 12/21/07 Boston
Shopping Goes Virtual: Browsing Brookstone in 3-D 11/26/07 Boston
EveryScape: Street-Level Views That Go Behind Closed Doors 10/29/07 Boston
My Speech in Second Life: Moshing with Metaverse-Molders 09/18/07 Boston
A Second Life for Windward Mark as Linden Lab’s New Cambridge Outpost Looks to the Sky 08/14/07 Boston
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