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Tysabri’s Tally of PML Cases Reaches 13 09/17/09 Boston
Elan Breached Tysabri Partnership With Biogen Idec, Federal Judge Says 09/04/09 Boston
Biogen Idec Faces Suit From Partner Elan, Genzyme Wins European Approval for Stem-Cell Boosting Drug, Alnylam Teams with Tekmira, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 08/12/09 Boston
Elan Hits Biogen Idec with Lawsuit to Protect Tysabri Deal with J&J 08/06/09 Boston
Biogen Gets Int’l Rights to Acorda’s MS Drug 07/01/09 Boston
Biogen Reports 10th PML Case in Tysabri Patient 06/29/09 Boston
Biogen Idec Showdown with Carl Icahn Culminates in Shareholder Vote Today 06/03/09 Boston
Icahn’s Plan to Split Up Biogen Idec Would “Destroy Shareholder Value,” Company Says 05/15/09 Boston
Avila Therapeutics Hires First CEO Katrine Bosley, Adds $5M from Existing Investors 05/15/09 Boston
Biogen Idec Pipeline Strong, Tysabri Coming Back; Icahn Would “Weaken” Board, Company Says 05/14/09 Boston
Taligen Raises $26M For Inflammation Drugs 05/12/09 Boston
Icahn Throws Down the Gauntlet, Attacks Biogen Idec’s “Failed Leadership” 05/11/09 Boston
Tysabri May Promote Healing Around Nerves, Study Says 04/28/09 Boston
Biogen Idec To Show Off MS Drugs at Seattle Neurology Meeting 04/24/09 Boston
Biogen Idec Tysabri Sales Fall Shy of Street Expectations 04/16/09 Boston
FDA Allows High-Yield Tysabri Production 04/16/09 Boston
Rematch Time: Carl Icahn and Biogen Idec Square Off Again 04/14/09 Boston
Carl Icahn Aims to Stick “For Sale” Sign on Biogen Idec Lawn Again 02/06/09 Boston
Biogen Idec Rival Succeeds in Trial of Oral Pill for Multiple Sclerosis 01/23/09 Boston
Seattle’s Top 10 Innovation Stories of the Half-Year (and Others We Just Plain Liked) 12/31/08 Seattle
New RNAi Drugs, Major Cutbacks at Targanta, Big Partnerships for Arqule and Archemix, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 12/24/08 Boston
Tysabri Patient Dies of Brain Infection, First Death Since Drug Re-Introduced 12/19/08 Boston
Tysabri Patient Diagnosed With PML 12/15/08 Boston
Biogen Idec VC Group Sees Opportunity in Tough Market, Has $100M New Allocation to Invest in Biotech Firms 12/12/08 San Diego
Tysabri’s Roots at the “Hutch,” MediQuest Spurned by FDA, ZymoGenetics Drug Passes Test, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 11/06/08 Seattle
A Trio of Tysabri Stories, Genzyme’s Big Deal with Osiris, A Peek Inside a Winning Hedge Fund, & More Life Sciences News 11/05/08 Boston
Tysabri: The Big Multiple Sclerosis Drug That Emerged From “The Hutch” 11/04/08 Seattle
Democratic Party Fundraiser Dies, After Friends and Family Pushed To Get Him Tysabri 10/31/08 Boston
Biogen Idec, Elan’s Tysabri Linked to First U.S. Case of Brain Infection 10/29/08 Boston
Dying Cancer Patient Gets Tysabri After Biogen Idec’s Earlier Denial 10/16/08 Boston
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