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Boston Tech Watch: Ticketmaster, Accomplice, Jebbit & More 08/11/17 Boston
East Coast Biotech Roundup: Harvard’s Haul, Patent Fights, Padlock & More 03/24/16 Boston
Quanterix Expands in Diagnostics With $46M in New Cash 03/23/16 Boston
Quanterix Receives $46,000,000 Series D Funding 03/23/16 Boston
Quanterix Receives $999,999 New Funding 12/17/13 Boston
Quanterix Garners New Funding Round 01/05/12 Boston
HubSpot Buys OneForty, Cambridge Diagnostics Startups Nab Funding, Hopper Closes $8M, & More Boston-Area Deals News 08/24/11 Boston
Quanterix Finds $6M 08/23/11 Boston
Quanterix Receives $5,999,998 New Round 08/19/11 Boston
Quanterix Partners With Novartis, Athenahealth and Microsoft Sync Up, Vertex Nails Clinical Trial, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 02/25/11 Boston
Quanterix, Novartis Test Out Super-Sensitive Diagnostic Tool for Neuro Disorder 02/22/11 Boston
Quanterix Adds Former Millipore CEO as Chair 12/01/10 Boston
Akrivis Sets Out to Improve Diagnostics and Therapies with Northeastern U. Tech 11/23/10 Boston
Ouch for Arch: VC Bob Nelsen Says Ikaria Will March On After Withdrawing Big IPO 11/12/10 Seattle
Big Fish Help Out the Smaller Fish in the Life Sciences Pond 11/09/10 National
Shots from the Front Row of Boston’s War on Cancer Event 10/22/10 Boston
Alkermes Drug Approved for Opioid Addiction, Genzyme Faces Shareholder Lawsuits, NinePoint Gets $33M, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 10/15/10 Boston
Mike Huckman, Former CNBC Reporting Ace, Joins Stellar Lineup at Boston’s War on Cancer 10/14/10 Boston
Where Will the Next Gleevec Come From? Xconomy Forum Looks At the Edge of Cancer R&D 10/05/10 Boston
What Is Boston Doing for the War on Cancer? Find Out at Xconomy Forum on October 20 08/25/10 Boston
FDA Approves Genzyme Pompe Drug, Vertex Hepatitis C Drug Trial Succeeds, Thermo Fisher Acquires Fermentas, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 05/28/10 Boston
Quanterix Uses Fiber Optics to Find Cancer Protein, Nears New Funding Round 05/27/10 Boston
IkaSystems Raises $120M, New CEOs of Qteros, Bind, and Quanterix Dish the Dirt, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 01/20/10 Boston
Quanterix CEO Sets Sight on Early Detection of Cancer, Neurological Diseases in the Blood 01/19/10 Boston
New VC in Boston: Arch Venture Partners Opens Small Office With Eye Toward Basic Science, Multidisciplinary Collaborations 09/21/09 Boston
Federal Judge Rules in Biogen Idec’s Favor, Sepracor Agrees to $2.8B Buyout, FDA Panel Endorses Gloucester Pharma Drug, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 09/11/09 Boston
Quanterix Taps New CEO 09/02/09 Boston
How to Build a Billion-Dollar Company (And Keep An Academic Day Job), According to David Walt 08/31/09 National
Seventh Sense Biosystems Developing Tech Akin to Check-Engine Light for the Body 06/05/09 Boston
New England’s Top Third-Quarter Venture Deals—the List 10/20/08 Boston
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