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Entry Author Date Location
Striim Secures $30,000,000 Series B Financing Round 03/17/16 San Francisco
San Diego Life Sciences Roundup: Receptos, Auspex, Avelas, and More 01/10/14 San Diego
Auspex Pharmaceuticals Lands $20,000,000 Series E Financing 01/08/14 San Diego
CardioKinetix Secures $4,000,000 Series E Funding Round 02/28/13 San Francisco
San Diego Life Sciences Roundup: Deals at MEI Pharma, Auspex, Ambit 11/09/12 San Diego
Auspex Pharmaceuticals Garners $25,000,000 Series D Funding Round 11/09/12 San Diego
Auspex Raises $25M for Longer-Lasting, Deuterium-Based Drugs 11/08/12 San Diego
Pfizer to Acquire NextWave for $700 Million 10/22/12 New York
Validity Sensors Lands $20,000,000 Series E Round 10/18/12 San Francisco
Skyfire Receives $10,000,000 Series D Funding Round 10/11/12 San Francisco
33Across Garners $13,100,205 New Financing Round 07/19/12 New York
Zoove Lands $15,000,000 Series D Financing 08/16/11 San Francisco
JiWire Raises $20M 05/06/11 San Francisco
JiWire Lands $20,000,000 Series C Funding 05/06/11 San Francisco
CHiL Semiconductor Acquired for $75M by International Rectifier 02/28/11 Boston
NextWave Pharma Snaps Up $45M 01/11/11 San Francisco
Hyperion Hits Goal in Trial for Rare-Disease Drug, Prepping FDA Application 11/03/10 San Francisco
$12.6M Validates Validity 07/22/10 San Francisco
Validity Sensors Obtains $12,600,000 Series D Funding 07/21/10 San Francisco
Itero, Seeking a “Biosimilar” That’s Better, Strikes Deal With Watson for Female Infertility 07/15/10 San Francisco
Alvine Pharmaceuticals Lands $2,559,000 New Funding Round 03/31/10 San Francisco
CardioKinetix Secures $1,600,000 New Round 12/31/09 San Francisco
Neoconix Obtains $7,448,000 New Funding Round 09/30/09 San Francisco
Alvine Pharmaceuticals Obtains $21,500,000 Series A Financing 09/15/09 San Francisco
Vinfolio Secures $4,500,000 Series A Funding Round 09/02/09 San Francisco
Narus Obtains $8,700,000 New Funding Round 07/20/09 San Francisco
Presidio Pharmaceuticals Secures $27,000,000 Series B Financing 07/10/09 San Francisco
Hyperion Therapeutics Secures $60,000,000 Series C Funding 07/05/09 San Francisco
GridNetworks Merges with GMS 04/17/09 Seattle
Itero Biopharmaceuticals Obtains $12,750,000 New Financing 12/31/08 San Francisco
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