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One Laptop Per Child CEO: “We Have Achieved Our Goals” 03/20/14 Boston
Negroponte Outlines the Future of OLPC—Hints at Paperlike Design for Third Generation Laptop 11/02/09 Boston
Internet Archive Opens 1.6 Million E-Books to Kids with OLPC Laptops 10/24/09 Boston
Sugar Beyond the XO Laptop: Walter Bender on OLPC, Sucrose 0.84, and “Sugar on a Stick” 02/05/09 Boston
Colombian State Orders 65,000 XO Laptops 05/29/08 Boston
Negroponte Unveils 2nd Generation OLPC Laptop: It’s an E-Book 05/20/08 Boston
Bender Creates Sugar Labs—New Foundation to Adapt OLPC’s Laptop Interface for Other Machines 05/16/08 Boston
XO Laptop Goes Windows 05/15/08 Boston
One Laptop Per Child Foundation No Longer a Disruptive Force, Bender Fears; Q&A on His Plans for “Sugar” Interface 04/24/08 Boston
The XO Laptop: It’s the Software, Stupid 02/01/08 Boston
Nicholas Negroponte: The Interview 01/28/08 Boston
“School is Boring”: Nicholas Negroponte on Education, the XO Laptop, and Life After Intel 01/25/08 Boston
Pixel Qi Out to Bring Principles of Inexpensive Laptop Design to Consumer Market: Former One Laptop CTO Mary Lou Jepsen On Her New Startup 01/15/08 Boston
One Laptop Foundation Blasts Intel, Says World’s Children are Mission, Not Market 01/04/08 Boston
The Little Laptop That Could…One Way or Another 11/26/07 Boston
First Mass-Produced XO Laptop Rolls Off Line 11/07/07 Boston
Negroponte Selection to Dow Jones Panel Raises Questions 08/03/07 Boston
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