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Entry Author Date Location
Introducing Xconomy Voices (Podcast), Episode 1: Mary Lou Jepsen 06/22/17 National
Mary Lou Jepsen: A Timeline of Her Career in Advanced Display Tech 05/06/16 San Francisco
Xconomy Boston’s Top Stories of Q1 2014: Editor’s Picks 03/31/14 Boston
One Laptop Per Child CEO: “We Have Achieved Our Goals” 03/20/14 Boston
Boston Roundup: Mark43, Privy, Akiban, Aquto, OLPC 07/17/13 Boston
Marvell Gives a Glimpse of the New OLPC Laptop, Bearing Its Tech Inside 01/14/13 San Francisco
Top 10 Quotes From Mobile Madness: Apple Vs. Facebook, OLPC, & More 03/19/12 Boston
Xconomy Mobile Madness 2012: Total Mobility in Pictures 03/19/12 Boston
Mobile Madness 2012 on March 14: Here’s the Agenda 02/16/12 Boston
Apperian, Fiksu, Mobiquity, & Paydiant Join Mobile Madness Lineup 02/01/12 Boston
Intrepid Labs: Boston’s Newest Co-Working Spot for Maturing Startups 01/25/12 Boston
OLPC Part 2: Nicholas Negroponte on the Mideast and the XO 3 Tablet—and Why He May Not Ever Have to Build It 10/07/10 Boston
One Ecosystem Per Child: Walter Bender and OLPC Reunite to Enhance Learning and Grow Economies in Developing Nations 10/05/10 Boston
One Laptop Gets $5.6M Grant From Marvell to Develop Next Generation Tablet Computer 10/04/10 Boston
One Tablet Per Child? 05/28/10 Boston
Clay Christensen Speaks at Technology Alliance on Disruptive Innovations in Education, Health, VC 05/18/10 Seattle
OLPC’s Negroponte Honored by Lego Group 04/13/10 Boston
Sugar Gets Sweeter: Former OLPC Exec Walter Bender on Netbooks, E-books, Blueberry, and Cloudberry 12/14/09 Boston
Sugar on a Stick Sweetened 12/08/09 Boston
Negroponte Outlines the Future of OLPC—Hints at Paperlike Design for Third Generation Laptop 11/02/09 Boston
Sony, Google Point the Way Toward a More Open Future for E-Books 10/30/09 National
Internet Archive Opens 1.6 Million E-Books to Kids with OLPC Laptops 10/24/09 Boston
At CHI Meeting, Microsoft Turns Computing Interfaces on Their Head, and Side, and Back 04/10/09 Boston
Sugar 0.84 Released 03/16/09 Boston
Ex-Microsoft VP Will Poole Looks to Take a Few Good Companies Global 02/11/09 Seattle
Putting XO Laptops Under Christmas Trees—and into Classrooms—via Amazon 12/19/08 Boston
Amazon to Manage XO Laptop Giveaway Program 09/05/08 National
Google Gives $300,000 to Oregon State University for Open Source Projects 07/25/08 Seattle
Colombian State Orders 65,000 XO Laptops 05/29/08 Boston
Negroponte Unveils 2nd Generation OLPC Laptop: It’s an E-Book 05/20/08 Boston
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