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Entry Author Date Location
Just Biotherapeutics Secures $14,000,000 Series A Funding 07/26/16 Seattle
Akili Interactive Receives $11,900,000 Series B Funding 07/20/16 Boston
Spero Therapeutics Receives $30,000,000 New Funding 02/02/16 Boston
Alector Obtains $29,500,000 Series D Financing 01/07/16 San Francisco
Just Biotherapeutics Garners $15,000,000 Series A Funding 09/22/15 Seattle
Alector Garners $32,275,003 Series C Financing Round 09/16/15 San Francisco
RaNA Therapeutics Receives $55,000,000 Series B Funding Round 07/23/15 Boston
NanoBio Obtains $11,000,000 Series C Financing Round 11/29/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
Aviir Obtains $30,000,000 New Round 12/20/11 San Francisco
Boston-Power Expands Series E Round, Storwize Scooped Up By IBM, PerkinElmer Acquires VisEn, & More Boston-Area Deals News 08/04/10 Boston
PerkinElmer Buys VisEn Medical 08/03/10 Boston
Odyssey Thera Receives $3,500,000 New Financing 03/17/10 San Francisco
Odyssey Thera Secures $10,676,000 New Financing 12/31/08 San Francisco
Aurora, Draper Labs, and BAE Team, IBM’s Merger Machine Steams, Lonelygirl15 Beams, & More Deals News 04/22/08 Boston
VisEn Medical Sees $5M in Expanded Series B Round 04/18/08 Boston
VisEn Medical Lands $5,000,000 Series B Funding 04/18/08 Boston
Aveo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Receives $5,499,600 New Financing 12/31/07 Boston
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