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Entry Author Date Location
Centric Software Receives $11,600,000 Series C Financing Round 12/05/12 San Francisco
After 6 Years and $26M, Insolvent Chumby Selling Remaining Assets 05/02/12 San Diego
Sony Tablets Open New Opportunities for San Diego’s Chumby 08/31/11 San Diego
ScanBuy Garners $5,000,000 New Financing Round 04/20/11 New York
The World’s Most Social City Meets Social Media: Why One Hot Investor Thinks New York Is on Fire as a Tech Startup Hub 04/04/11 New York
The Changing Face of Boston VC: A Chat With NextView Ventures’ David Beisel 02/24/11 Boston
Centric Software Receives $7,500,000 Series C Financing 02/23/11 San Francisco
What’s With All the Mass Customization Startups in Boston? One Investor’s Opinion 02/08/11 Boston
Web Video Ad Startups ScanScout, Tremor Media Join Forces in Challenge to Hulu, YouTube 11/08/10 Boston
Genesis Networks Lands $2,000,100 New Funding 03/31/10 New York
Packet Design Lands $2,000,000 New Funding Round 03/31/10 San Francisco
Ad Summos Garners $3,050,000 New Round 03/26/10 New York
ScanBuy Receives New Financing 02/02/10 New York
Packet Design Secures $2,000,000 New Funding Round 09/30/09 San Francisco
Chumby The Clumsy Goes Global 04/22/09 San Diego
Packet Design Secures $12,000,000 Series D Funding 09/15/08 San Francisco
Tizor Raises $8.3 Million 02/12/08 Boston
Liquid Machines Inc. Secures $10,000,000 Series D Funding 02/04/08 Boston
RuleStream Corporation Receives $514,000 New Round 12/31/07 Boston
Tizor Receives $8,500,000 New Funding Round 12/31/07 Boston
Nuance Plans an Offering, Memsic Makes Disappointing Debut, Inverness Orders the Usual, & More 12/17/07 Boston
Nexaweb Technologies Garners $2,000,000 New Financing 03/31/07 Boston
Nexaweb Technologies Garners $10,000,000 Series B Funding Round 09/25/06 Boston
Liquid Machines Inc. Garners $7,500,000 Series C Funding 09/18/06 Boston
Nexaweb Technologies Garners $4,300,000 Series A Financing Round 05/19/03 Boston
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