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IRobot’s Colin Angle on the Home Run of Robotics (It’s Not A.I.) 11/16/17 Boston
Android Founder on VR, Voice & the Future of Human-Machine Collaboration 10/11/17 Boston
Announcing Xconomy Impact, June 22: Here’s What It’s About 05/05/17 Boston
How Will Apple Innovate Beyond the iPhone 7? With Next-Gen Siri 08/09/16 National
A Charge of Bots 04/08/16 San Francisco
3 Boston VCs Share Investment Themes for 2016 01/06/16 Boston
Former Apple Speech Scientist Joins Secretive Mobile Startup 01/23/15 Boston
Gesture Is the New Touch 05/22/13 Boston
Andy Miller on Leap Motion as the New Apple, & Sacramento Kings Deal 05/20/13 Boston
“Minority Report” in the Office: Oblong’s Long Road Back to Boston 03/06/13 Boston
Ubi Interactive Bets on Kinect, Finds a New Home in Seattle 07/10/12 Seattle
From MIT Entrepreneur to Tea Party Leader: The Thomas Massie Story 05/17/12 Boston
Zmags CEO Talks Future of E-Commerce and Marketing (Think iPad) 05/01/12 Boston
KinectStars: Why Microsoft Drafted TechStars to Target Startups 12/12/11 Seattle
A Computer That Knows How You Feel? See Roz Picard’s Affectiva Demo at 6×6 Thursday 11/29/11 Boston
Video: Microsoft Research, CMU Take Covers off “OmniTouch” Touchscreen Projector 10/17/11 Seattle
Beyond Mobile: Announcing Xconomy’s May 17 Forum on the 10-Year Future of Computing 04/14/11 San Francisco
Nuance Acquires ShapeWriter, Ramps Up Pressure on Seattle Startup Swype 06/22/10 Boston
XSITE’s Mobile Health Panel Rallies Heavyweights in Wireless and Healthcare 06/10/10 Boston
Microsoft VP Alex Gounares, Former Technology Assistant to Bill Gates, Leaving for AOL 05/07/10 Seattle
How a Business Can Span the Globe and Stay Close-Knit: Microsoft’s “Telepresence” Project 04/12/10 Seattle
Swype Scores $1M Led by Docomo 02/15/10 Seattle
Amazon Said to Buy Touchscreen Startup: Implications for the Kindle and E Ink Display 02/04/10 Seattle
Microsoft Buys Opalis and Sentillion, Swype and Widevine Raise Cash, Dendreon Rakes In $409M, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 12/15/09 Seattle
Swype Raises $5.6M, Looks to Go Global with Text Input Software for Smartphones 12/15/09 Seattle
Swype, Following T9 Model, Releases Text Input Software on Samsung Phone 12/02/09 Seattle
Intel Labs Seattle Shows Off New Sensing Interfaces, Self-Charging Robot, Wireless Power 09/29/09 Seattle
Microsoft Rolls Out Visual Search 09/14/09 Seattle
Forget Typing: VoiceBox Technologies Raises Cash to Search for Info by Voice Alone 09/03/09 Seattle
Technologies for the Blind and Deaf Could Have Much Broader Impact, Says UW’s Richard Ladner 07/28/09 Seattle
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