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BioPharma Learns From Marvel, Begins Real Life Search For “X-Men” 04/30/14 Seattle
Best Buy Picks Up MindShift, Termeer Funds NanoString, Basho Adds $5M More, & More Boston-Area Deals News 11/09/11 Boston
Deals Inked for Basho, Innocentive 11/03/11 Boston
InnoCentive Obtains $1,701,321 New Financing Round 11/03/11 Boston
InnoCentive Receives $3,432,277 New Funding Round 10/04/11 Boston
Funding for Diagnostics, Crowdsourced Problem Solving, & Medicine Counterfeiting Prevention 08/18/11 Boston
UTest Tests Its Testers in Payday Snafu 05/25/10 Boston
Imaginatik’s Technology Helps Companies Keep Their Crowdsourcing Initiatives Inside the Box 09/08/09 Boston
$14M for Novomer, $7.3M for Innocentive, $6M for Zendesk, & More Boston-Area Deals News 08/21/09 Boston
Innocentive Raises $7M—One More Time—to Keep Building Problem-Solving Network 08/17/09 Boston
InnoCentive Garners $7,300,000 Series B Funding 08/17/09 Boston
TopCoder—Crowdsourcing Software Long Before Crowdsourcing Got Cool 04/23/09 Boston
Sourcing the Right Crowd 10/30/08 National
Elixir Pulls IPO, Mascoma Runs With Marathon, InnoCentive Gets an Incentive, Novartis Ups Alnylam Stake, & More Deals News 05/12/08 Boston
InnoCentive Raises $6.5 Million for Innovation Network: “Ready for Prime Time,” says CEO in Our Q&A 05/07/08 Boston
InnoCentive Obtains $6,500,000 Series B Financing Round 05/07/08 Boston
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