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Entry Author Date Location
Database Startup NuoDB Grabs $17M From Previous Backers 02/22/16 Boston
MuleSoft Secures $50,000,000 New Financing 03/13/14 San Francisco
Aria Systems Lands $40,000,200 New Financing 12/31/13 San Francisco
Aria Systems Receives $40,000,000 Series D Round 11/19/13 San Francisco
Birst Garners $38,000,000 New Round 08/20/13 San Francisco
Five9 Garners $34,500,000 Series D Funding Round 05/29/13 San Francisco
Five9 Secures $34,500,000 Series D Financing Round 05/29/13 San Francisco
MuleSoft Receives $37,000,000 New Funding 04/03/13 San Francisco
NuoDB, Morgenthaler Ventures Talk Disruption in Databases 03/05/13 Boston
Piston Cloud Computing Garners $8,000,000 Series B Financing 02/04/13 San Francisco
NuoDB, ParElastic Racing to Build Database Systems of the Future 10/23/12 Boston
PLUMgrid Receives $10,700,000 Series A Funding Round 08/09/12 San Francisco
Kiip Receives $11,000,000 Series B Financing Round 07/17/12 San Francisco
NuoDB, Dailybreak, Vsnap & (Much, Much) More from the Boston Deals Roundup 07/11/12 Boston
Ace Metrix Lands $8,000,000 New Round 05/29/12 San Francisco
MuleSoft Secures $15,000,000 Series D Funding 05/18/12 San Francisco
Birst Lands $26,000,000 New Round 05/02/12 San Francisco
Five9 Lands $12,000,000 New Round 04/19/12 San Francisco
OptiMine Software Obtains $3,600,000 Series B Financing Round 10/24/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Karmasphere Obtains $6,000,000 Series B Financing Round 09/30/11 San Francisco
6connect Receives $2,000,000 Series A Round 08/24/11 San Francisco
Piston Cloud Computing Lands $4,500,000 New Funding 07/11/11 San Francisco
Kiip Secures $4,000,000 New Round 04/05/11 San Francisco
Flite Lands $12,000,000 Series C Round 03/09/11 San Francisco
Aria Systems Garners $20,000,000 Series C Funding Round 02/01/11 San Francisco
Crowd Factory Receives $6,500,000 New Financing 01/26/11 Seattle
Five9 Obtains $8,600,000 New Funding Round 01/19/11 San Francisco
Baynote Brings in $13M 01/12/11 San Francisco
Baynote Obtains $13,000,000 Series C Round 01/12/11 San Francisco
Strobe Secures $2,500,000 Series A Financing 12/02/10 San Francisco
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