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Inventor and VC Bob Metcalfe Joins Faculty at University of Texas, Talks About Spurring Innovation by Teaching It 11/08/10 Boston
Solazyme, Founded on ‘Delusional’ Idea of Algae Biofuel, Stakes Claim as Industry’s First Mover 07/27/10 San Francisco
Greenfuel Selling Off Assets 06/02/09 Boston
GreenFuel Runs Out of Fuel, Shuts Down; Algae-to-Biofuel Technology for Sale 05/13/09 Boston
Grim January for Tech Jobs 02/02/09 Boston
GreenFuel Hit By Big Layoffs—Nearly Half Staff Let Go This Morning 01/12/09 Boston
Cleantech Engine Revved In ’08—Deals to Remember 01/06/09 Boston
GreenFuel Fired Up for Big Plant in Spain—Announces Next Phase of $92 Million Plan 10/21/08 Boston
A Diagnostics Non-Profit Takes the 100K Prize, Greenfuel Gets a $13.9M Bump for Algae Bioreactors, Beth Israel Teams With Google, and More Life Sciences News 05/21/08 Boston
OLPC Teams With Microsoft, Wired Bonds with Ars Technica, Greenfuel Gets More Green, & More Deals News 05/19/08 Boston
GreenFuel Technologies Secures $13,900,000 Series B Funding 05/15/08 Boston
Greenfuel Extends Funding Round, Collects $13.9 Million 05/14/08 Boston
GreenFuel Technologies Garners $6,835,000 Series B Financing 04/11/06 Boston
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