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BigDoor Media Adds Power-Hitter Client: Seattle Startup Brings Gamification to Major League Baseball’s Website 05/10/11 Seattle
Striptease Threats, Aggressive Shushing & Mascot Mania: Memorable Moments from the Seattle 2.0 Awards 05/06/11 Seattle
Bertlesmann Grabs Smashing Ideas 05/05/11 Seattle
EA Buys Firemint 05/03/11 San Francisco
Smartphone Robots, Insect-Wing Wind Power, Online Video Game Tourneys & More Notes from the UW Business Plan Competition 04/28/11 Seattle
GREE Buys OpenFeint for $104M 04/21/11 San Francisco
PopCap, Eyeing an IPO this Fall, Talks Revenue Growth, Shifting Platforms, & Zynga Jealousy in a Blitz with Media, Investors 04/18/11 Seattle
Tiny Speck Gets $10.7M for Glitch 04/13/11 San Francisco
Siobhan Quinn Says “Technology is the Underdog” in New York; A Check-In with Foursquare’s First Product Manager 04/11/11 New York
Zynga Hires MarketZero Team 04/06/11 San Francisco
Kiip Keeps $4M 04/06/11 San Francisco
PopCap’s New Indie Label 4th & Battery, the Sandbox For a Death-Metal Horse Romp & Other “Really Strange or Marginal Ideas” 04/05/11 Seattle
Z2Live’s Latest Round Worth $2.5M 03/30/11 Seattle
Bobber Lands $1.1M for Social Banking 03/29/11 Seattle
Amazon Pushes Ahead with “Appstore” Despite Apple’s Lawsuit over “App Store” – a Trademark that Microsoft also Opposes 03/22/11 Seattle
Funium Picks Up $1.2M 03/01/11 San Francisco
Bigfoot Unveils Wi-Fi for Gamers 03/01/11 San Francisco
Box.net Nabs $48M, BookRenter Books $40M, Transphorm Absorbs $20M, & More Bay Area BizTech News 02/28/11 San Francisco
TinyCo Wins Big $18M Investment 02/25/11 San Francisco
Raptr Scores $15M 02/11/11 San Francisco
Visa Buys PlaySpan for $190M 02/09/11 San Francisco
Idle Games Wins $4.1M 02/09/11 San Francisco
Harmonix Lays Off 12-15 Percent of Staff 02/08/11 Boston
Kabam Wins $30M 01/20/11 San Francisco
The Top 10 Ways 2010 Changed Mobile Apps 12/31/10 San Francisco
Zynga Gets a Newtoy 12/06/10 San Francisco
Social Gaming Network Wins $2.5M 11/10/10 San Francisco
$300K for Kiip 10/28/10 San Francisco
Zynga Expands to Seattle 10/13/10 San Francisco
PlayFirst Wins $9.2M 10/13/10 San Francisco
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