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AVI Biopharma Gets $18M Flu Contract 06/07/10 Seattle
FDA OK’s IMDx H1N1 Test 03/24/10 Boston
AVI Biopharma Eagerly Awaits Data on Muscular Dystrophy Drug 02/01/10 Seattle
The Top Five Biotech Innovations of the 2000s 12/15/09 Seattle
Quidel OKs $25M in Share Buybacks 12/08/09 San Diego
Seattle’s Kineta Rakes in Half of $13M Federal Contract to UW For Vaccine Boosters 11/10/09 Seattle
UW Scientists, Backed by Gates Foundation, Enter “Put Up or Shut Up” Phase with Portable Diagnostic 11/03/09 Seattle
Pulmatrix Scores $30M To Block All Sorts of Bugs That Make People Sick in the Lungs 11/02/09 Boston
UK’s Enigma Diagnostics to Establish U.S. Headquarters in San Diego 10/27/09 San Diego
Omeros Accused on Eve of IPO, Seattle Genetics Trial Fails, How Much Biotechies Really Earn, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 10/08/09 Seattle
Veratect Secures $4.2M Debt 10/06/09 Seattle
Amazon Goes Mobile, Theraclone Inks $18M Deal, Spiration Pulls In $7M, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 10/06/09 Seattle
Seattle’s Theraclone Strikes $18M Deal to Make Flu-Fighting Antibodies with Japanese Company 10/05/09 Seattle
It’s About Health Care, Not Health Insurance 09/28/09 Seattle
Quidel, Pulling Off a Turnaround, Predicts Record Profit on Demand for Flu Tests 09/10/09 San Diego
Finding HIV’s Weak Spot, Scientists at Seattle’s Theraclone and San Diego’s Scripps See Opening for New Vaccine 09/03/09 National
AVI Developing Swine Flu Drugs 06/22/09 Seattle
Sanofi CEO Bets Outside U.S., Gears Up for Flu Pandemic, and Seeks To Learn From Biotech 06/19/09 Seattle
UW Stem Cell Startup is Born, Global Health’s “Davos” Arrives, MDRNA Unloads Debt, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 06/18/09 Seattle
Sanofi-Aventis Donates 100 Million Flu Vaccine Doses to WHO at Seattle Summit 06/17/09 Seattle
IDRI Offers Flu Vaccine Boosters 06/11/09 Seattle
Pulmatrix, With One Drug for Multiple Bugs, Aims to Fundamentally Change Flu Treatment 06/09/09 Boston
Invest Northwest Notebook: Five of Seattle’s Next-Generation Life Sciences Innovators Seek to Adapt 03/19/09 Seattle
Quidel Shares Plunge on Warning 03/16/09 San Diego
PATH, Fueled by Bill Gates’ Fortune, Builds Global Health Hothouse in Seattle 02/04/09 Seattle
New RNAi Drugs, Major Cutbacks at Targanta, Big Partnerships for Arqule and Archemix, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News 12/24/08 Boston
Sermo, Taking a Page from Google, Creates Flu Tracker 12/22/08 Boston
Seattle Genetics Drug Fights Hodgkin’s, Frazier Sounds Off on Biotech Ventures, SBRI Pushes Malaria Vaccine, & More Seattle-Area Life Sciences News 12/11/08 Seattle
Seattle-based Kineta, New Biotech Startup, Unveils Plan to Trigger Innate Immunity 12/09/08 Seattle
The Quest for a Malaria Vaccine: SBRI’s Stefan Kappe Stares Down a Leading Candidate 12/09/08 Seattle
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