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Entry Author Date Location
MC10 Stretches for $12.5M More 06/28/11 Boston
Palantir Sees $50M 05/09/11 San Francisco
As Cyber Threats Mature, So Do Boston-Area Security Firms: RSA, Fidelis, Cyber-Ark, and More 03/24/11 Boston
EcoMotors Founder Peter Hofbauer Says Company Is Inking Customer Deals, Eyeing Production Facility in Michigan for Its “Opoc” Engine 01/24/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor Fuel Cell Developer Adaptive Materials Acquired by Ultra Electronics Holdings 01/04/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
GA Electromagnetic System Launches Navy Carrier Aircraft 12/21/10 San Diego
Raytheon Buys Applied Signal for $490M 12/20/10 Boston
San Diego’s General Atomics Reveals Railgun Technology, Developed Through Internal R&D 12/08/10 San Diego
Terrafugia, Aurora Flight Sciences, Metis Design Take Wing in $65M DARPA Program to Design Flying Humvee 12/02/10 Boston
iRobot’s Michigan Unit Aids in Key Military Deal 11/16/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Boston Robotics Firms, While Making Strides, Could Lose Their Edge to Google and the Valley 11/01/10 Boston
LaserMotive Beams Power to “Quadrocopter” UAV, Breaks World Record for Electric Aircraft 10/28/10 Seattle
First Impressions of Michigan’s Innovation Landscape: An Institutional Legacy, A Fragmented Entrepreneurial Community, and Some Unexpected Promising Sectors 10/26/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
TechAmerica SD Honors 11 10/25/10 San Diego
TOPGUN: Good Training for Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship 10/07/10 San Francisco
Exoskeletons In My Closet: What Raytheon’s Robotic Suit Really Means for the Field 10/04/10 Boston
L-1 Acquired by Safran and BAE in $1.6B Merger Deal 09/20/10 Boston
Helicopter Lasers, Health Record Exchange, and Rick Snyder’s Past—A Michigan Roundup 09/08/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
BAE Buys Oasys 09/07/10 Boston
Reveal Imaging, Makers of Airport Screening Technologies, Sold to SAIC 08/02/10 Boston
Rodney Brooks, Founder of iRobot and Heartland Robotics, To Retire From MIT 06/28/10 Boston
Modumetal Closes Funding Led by Catamount 06/10/10 Seattle
QinetiQ, Thermo Scientific Collaborate to Equip Explosive-Sniffing Robots with Smart Sensors 05/27/10 Boston
Automation Alley Gets Defensive 05/18/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Michigan Automotive Robotics Cluster Initiative Begins to Take Shape 05/11/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
Modumetal Inks Deal with Steel Producer SDI to Put Nanotech to Work in Bridges and Buildings 05/10/10 Seattle
How to Power “Eternal” UAVs in Flight: A LaserMotive Blueprint 05/04/10 Seattle
Addition, Subtraction at Local Venture Firms 04/26/10 Boston
Beaming Power to UAVs, Space Elevators, and Someday, Earth: The LaserMotive Plan 04/13/10 Seattle
Adaptive Materials Gets $4.7M for Fuel Cells 03/11/10 Detroit Ann Arbor
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