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Entry Author Date Location
Nuventix Receives $10,000,000 New Funding 07/19/11 Texas
How’s That Stretchy, Bendy Stuff Working Out for Ya? MC10 Looks to Turn Flexible Sensors and Solar Cells Into a Growth Business 07/12/11 Boston
OPX Biotechnologies Lands $36,500,000 Series C Financing Round 07/07/11 Boulder/Denver
Editor’s Picks: Xconomy Boston’s Top 20 Stories of the Second Quarter 07/01/11 Boston
Genentech Buys Rights to Forma Drug, Nimbus Gets $24M, Lilliputian Adds $11M, & More Boston-Area Deals News 06/29/11 Boston
MC10 Stretches for $12.5M More 06/28/11 Boston
MC10 Lands $12,500,000 Series B Financing 06/28/11 Boston
Braemar Energy Ventures Finds Value in Energy Technology, Both Clean and Conventional 06/22/11 New York
San Diego’s PowerGenix Engineers a New Strategy for Nickel-Zinc Battery 06/01/11 San Diego
Solazyme Finds Investor Appetite for Renewables, Sees Shares Boom on Day One 05/27/11 San Francisco
General Fusion Adds $19.5M 05/05/11 Seattle
New York’s ACRE Incubator is Churning Out Cleantech Startups, and Helping Build a New Engine for the City’s Economy 04/20/11 New York
Ioxus Receives $21,000,000 Series B Financing Round 04/14/11 New York
Solazyme Seeks $100M IPO to Build Up Renewable Biofuel Business 03/14/11 San Francisco
CIRIS Energy Garners New Round 01/03/11 Boulder/Denver
IBM Acquires Netezza and OpenPages, Boston Scientific Buys Asthmatx, Massachusetts Startup Financing Rebounds, & More Boston-Area Deals News 09/22/10 Boston
Laser Light Lands $13M for 3-D Cinema 09/21/10 Boston
Laser Light Engines Receives $13,000,000 Series B Funding Round 09/21/10 Boston
Bunge Joins Solazyme Round 08/26/10 San Francisco
Lumenergi Obtains $12,700,000 Series B Financing 08/25/10 San Francisco
Solazyme Raises $52 Million 08/09/10 San Francisco
Solazyme Lands $52,000,000 Series D Financing 08/09/10 San Francisco
Luminus Devices Nabs $19M, Aveo Sets IPO Range, Thermo Fisher Scientific Reportedly Makes $6 B Move on Millipore, & More Boston-Area Deals News 02/24/10 Boston
Luminus Devices Raises $19M 02/23/10 Boston
Luminus Devices Obtains $19,000,000 Series F Funding Round 02/23/10 Boston
CIRIS Energy Lands New Financing Round 01/27/10 Boulder/Denver
Powervation Lands New Financing Round 11/16/09 San Francisco
Luminus Devices: Finding Its Way Toward the Light With High-Efficiency LEDs 10/22/09 Boston
Grid Net Lands Series C Round 07/29/09 San Francisco
Amazon Buys Zappos, General Fusion and Finsphere Get $9M Each, Big Fish Partners with People.com, & More Seattle-Area Deals News 07/28/09 Seattle
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