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Genzyme Asks FDA To Approve Drug for Acute Myeloid Leukemia 11/24/08 Boston
The Xconomy Half-Dozen-Stories-of-the-Half-Year Awards 12/27/07 Boston
Genzyme Comes Back to Win Bioenvision Vote—Disputed Merger to Go Forward 10/22/07 Boston
Genzyme and Bioenvision Win Court’s Permission to Reopen Voting on Troubled Merger Agreement 10/10/07 Boston
Still No Conclusion to Genzyme-Bioenvision Saga 10/05/07 Boston
Genzyme Takeover Bid for Bioenvision Still Alive as Special Session Adjourns For the Day 10/04/07 Boston
Genzyme to Bioenvision Board: Acquisition Offer Price Will Not be Raised 09/27/07 Boston
Saying Bioenvision is Poised for a “Home Run,” Investor Files New Challenge to Genzyme Takeover Bid 09/12/07 Boston
Another Voice Heard in the Genzyme-Bioenvision Takeover Debate: Elliot Associates is “Extremely Dissatisfied” 09/06/07 Boston
Former Bioenvision Exec Sues for $108 Million; Genzyme Biding Its Time on Takeover 08/23/07 Boston
Special Vote Called for on Genzyme’s Takeover Bid for Bioenvision: Is a Deal in the Works? 08/20/07 Boston
Bioenvision Update: Merger Foe Stops Blogging After Genzyme Subpoena; Board Battle Continues 07/25/07 Boston
Christopher Wood: Step Up, Then Step Down 07/18/07 Boston
Who’s Cashing in on Bioenvision Sale to Genzyme: The List 07/13/07 Boston
A Deal Too True to be Good? Shareholder Uprising Aims to Disrupt Genzyme’s Takeover Plans 06/07/07 Boston
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