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As the Mobility Sector Revs Up, Startups and Dealerships Respond 05/20/16 Detroit Ann Arbor
Local Motors Debuts $53K 3D-Printed Car Due to Be Road-Ready by 2017 11/04/15 Detroit Ann Arbor
Detroit Auto Show Spotlights Wearable Technology and Connected Cars 01/24/14 Detroit Ann Arbor
Fallbrook Technologies Gets $35M To Boost Its Transmission System 12/04/13 Texas
Roundup: Rapt.fm’s Rapping Royals, LevelEleven’s New Partnership 11/26/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
Agero Talks Analytics, Acquisitions After $530M Connected-Car Sale 08/22/13 Boston
GM, Honda Detail Long-Term Fuel Cell Co-Development Strategy 07/30/13 Detroit Ann Arbor
Symform, Tred, LikeBright, UIEvolution, and More Seattle Tech Deals 01/17/13 Seattle
The End of Meat. And Driving. And Football. 09/07/12 National
GM Ventures Leads $12M Series C Round for NanoSteel 08/07/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
CarWoo Steps on the Gas Pedal 07/30/12 San Francisco
Auto Supplier Faurecia Delves Into Social Media Marketing 07/24/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
GM, RelayRides, OnStar Partner in New Car Sharing Program 07/19/12 Detroit Ann Arbor
Getaround Aims to Tackle “Car Overpopulation” 06/07/12 San Francisco
University of Michigan Recognizes Beyster for $15M Gift 02/21/12 San Diego
TechShop Mines Detroit’s Innate DIY Culture With New Location 12/21/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Consumers Still Reluctant to Plug In to Electric Vehicles, Expert Says 10/17/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Ford, Bug Labs Team Up To Develop Open-Source Car Connectivity Tools 09/14/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
A123 Inks GM Production Deal 08/11/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Ford, TechShop Partner on Detroit Location to Help Everyday Inventors Create, Build—and Commercialize—New Technologies 07/28/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Energy Secretary Chu Promotes New Detroit-based R&D Partnership With Military 07/18/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Will Detroit Get Shut Out Of China’s Electric Vehicle Market? 07/11/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Mobile Apps Are Not Just for Smart Phones; Ford Courts App Developers 06/30/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Lost In Translation: Ford Teams With Nuance Communications To Master Human Language 06/27/11 Boston
Who’s That (Virtual) Girl? Ford Uses Motion Capture Technology to Design Worker-Friendly Factories 06/21/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
TechShop Detroit Facility (Finally) Will Debut In October 06/17/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Converting Gas Guzzlers To Hybrids; ALTe Targets Government And Commercial Fleets With Conversion Kits 06/16/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Delphi Automotive Owes Its Current Success To….Medical Devices? 06/13/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Forget The iPhone. Your Car Is The Ultimate Mobile Device—But How Far Should That Go? 05/27/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
Stage 2 Innovations CEO Offers Details On New $100 Million Fund 05/26/11 Detroit Ann Arbor
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