The Microsoft Memos on Outgoing Marketing Chief Mich Mathews: ‘I Started Here When Microsoft Was the New, New Thing’

One day after AdAge broke the news that Microsoft marketing chief Mich Mathews was leaving the company, All Things Digital has word that her counterpart at Apple also is moving on. So, whose resignation should we look for tomorrow?

In any case, here are the internal email announcements about Mathews’ departure, from Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner and Mathews herself. There’s nothing wild in the text—they’re very standard examples of the species—but Turner does provide some interesting context to Mathews’ 22-year run with Microsoft: “Mich started with Microsoft U.K. when we had only 4,000 employees globally and sales of about $800 million.”

True to her marketing background, Mathews puts it a little more conversationally: “I started here when Microsoft was the new, new thing and saw the company grow from its early success to the major global force in technology it is today.”

And since it’s big news, of course they slapped the blandest possible subject line on the email: “Announcement.”

From: Kevin Turner
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 6:33 PM
To: WW Sales, Marketing & Services Group; All FTE Worldwide Marketers
Subject: Announcement

After 22 years of dedicated and highly successful service to Microsoft, Mich Mathews has made the decision to retire from Microsoft, effective at the end of the summer. It is hard to capture in email the many contributions Mich has made to the company in this time – she has been an integral part in helping build and maintain some of the greatest brands in the world, and has helped evolve our marketing capacity in times of incredible change in the communications field.

Mich started with Microsoft U.K. when we had only 4,000 employees globally and sales of about $800 million. She came to the U.S. when she was asked to start Microsoft’s first corporate PR department. In that and subsequent roles she helped shape and build our brand from those early days right up until today, making it one of the most powerful and admired brands in the world.

She helped the company through good times and through the more difficult days with her winning ways and innovative methods, earning the respect of Billg and Steveb, who asked her to head central marketing at our company.

As Chief Marketing Officer, she has helped launch multiple versions of Windows along with hundreds of other successful products. She built a global marketing machine able to communicatewith our customer base that has grown from millions when she started to over one billion consumers around the world today who enjoy our products. I speak for Steveb and myself in saying that her strong, passionate and steady voice will be missed as we chart Microsoft’s future.

At my request, Mich will stay through the summer, reporting to me, and assisting in her transition. Please join me in thanking Mich for her stellar results and deep loyalty to our company for the last 22 years. I’ve enjoyed working with and learning from her, and wish her every success in her next chapter.

Kevin Turner

From: Mich Mathews
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 6:40 PM
To: All FTE Worldwide Marketers; Central Marketing Group
Subject: RE: Announcement

And so………

….after more than two decades here at Microsoft I decided it was time for me to try some new things and so with regret I will leave the company at the end of the summer to chart a different course for myself.

There is never a good time to make a change, but with some great recent successes like Windows 7, Bing and Kinect I believe the marketing of Microsoft has reached new heights in what it can accomplish. I have every confidence that the next team will build on that momentum and make us even more effective.

I started here when Microsoft was the new, new thing and saw the company grow from its early success to the major global force in technology it is today. As we grew the marketing communications function to match the growth and changes in the business, my goal was always to show how people armed with great products could realize their passions in life.

And so Microsoft has also helped me realize my passion for communications and gave me responsibilities at an early age most could only dream of having. It is a great company with great leadership.

I wish to thank all of you who have worked with me so hard and so tirelessly. And those that have made doing what we do so much damn fun. You are a tremendous group of talented people driven to succeed.

I’m around for the next several months helping with the transition and look forward to thanking and saying goodbye to as many of you in person as I can.


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