White Pages’ Hiya Wants to Eat Plaxo’s Lunch by Blending Your Scattered E-Phone Books with Old-School Contact Info

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stored in iPhones and Google accounts, such as Gmail contacts. There are plans to integrate more sources into the system, particularly web-based e-mail and desktop e-mail, such as Microsoft’s Outlook.

Popular social networks Facebook and LinkedIn are a tougher nut to crack, Bishop said, because outside developers can’t really tap into the “rich information” like addresses or phone numbers. Bishop thinks it’s possible Facebook may loosen restrictions on that kind of data over time, but that sounds to me like the perfect recipe for another mass Facebook user freak-out over information sharing.

So how does this make money? It doesn’t, for now.

“The cool thing is that if we were a startup, we would have a lot of pressure to answer that question now,” Bishop said. “But we’re not. We’re part of a very healthy private company that is investing a lot in making sure that we’re staying relevant.”

Future plans to make Hiya an actual business might look something like the existing WhitePages app, which started out free and then brought along some advertising and premium-level services, she said. WhitePages also runs DealPop, one of the many online coupon services.

“We don’t have any plans to charge for this service at all, certainly this year,” Bishop said. “We really want to make sure we nail the product.”

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  • http://www.contactgorilla.com does the same except it supports more services. it can get info not in whitepages database because it directly asks your contacts to update their info. it helps detect and clean out old no-longer-working email addresses also.

  • RE: ContactGorilla, Plaxo went down that road and learned that your contacts do not want to be asked to updated their info.

    Plaxo Personal Assistant is the only service that solves this problem.

    It proactively keeps your address book current and complete without requiring any effort from the address book owner or their contacts.