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The Immunex Alumni: Where Are They Now?

Xconomy Seattle — 

[Update: 10:30 am, 12/30/11] Immunex was the company that made Seattle believe it could become a world-class cluster for the biotech industry.

The company was born during the industry’s founding wave in the early 1980s. Young genetic engineering hotshots from around the world gravitated to its culture of freewheeling scientific inquiry, can-do entrepreneurship, and irreverence. Immunex, after a couple near-death experiences, truly delivered on its promise by 1998 when it won FDA approval for a breakthrough for autoimmune diseases—etanercept (Enbrel). That product is now on track to be the world’s third-best selling drug in 2014 with $8 billion in worldwide sales, according to Thomson Reuters.

But, as Seattle biotechies know well, the party didn’t last. Immunex failed to manufacture enough of its wonder drug to meet demand from patients, and couldn’t deliver investors another immediate Enbrel-caliber hit. The company, which grew to 1,600 employees at its peak in Washington, ultimately was sold to biotech powerhouse Amgen for $10 billion in July 2002. Amgen continued to build out a state-of-the-art R&D center along Seattle’s Elliott Bay, and still occupies those labs, but about 500 local jobs were lost through the merger, and many longtime “Immunoids” left over the next couple years.

More than eight years have gone by, and Seattle still doesn’t have a company with the international impact of Immunex. While many of the scientists and businesspeople who built Immunex have moved elsewhere, quite a few of its alumni have stayed in the Northwest.

To get a sense of the kind of legacy the company still has today, I’ve put together a directory with links to help alumni connect and re-connect. This list includes bigwigs like co-founders Steve Gillis and Christopher Henney, and the rank-and-file. The list includes 326 names at last count.

Now here’s the part where you can help. If you or someone you know would like to be included, please send me a note. If you see any information below that’s out of date or incorrect, let me know and I’ll fix it. You can reach me at ltimmerman@xconomy.com.

Over time, I hope this story can become a richer and more valuable resource for Immunex alumni. Here’s the list in alphabetical order, with the most updated titles and affiliations I found online.

Nick Abbott, vice president, Barclays Capital

Cynthia Adkins, managing member, Adkins, Plant, Elvins, & Black

Jan Agosti, senior program officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Michael Aguiar, senior vice president, chief financial officer, Theravance

Maria Aiello, director of clinical development, HemaQuest Pharmaceuticals

Mark Alderson, director, pneumococcal vaccine project, PATH

Demi Allen, vice president law & compliance, ZymoGenetics

Mike Ambielli, biotechnology professional

Cathy Keck Anderson, deputy director of policy & communications, Bayer Healthcare

Noreen Andrews, computer system validation

Juli Ashburn, senior field force automation administrator, ZymoGenetics

Anne Aumell, donor relations officer, PATH

Agnieszka Bain, quality assurance specialist, Gilead Sciences

Tim Bair, senior manager, clinical manufacturing, Dendreon

Carol Barone, board member, Sustainable Path Foundation, project manager, quality assurance SNBL USA

Dauphine Barone, director of project management, Alder Biopharmaceuticals

Peter Baum, board member, Sustainable Path Foundation

Dan Becker, principal IS architect, Amgen

Patricia Beckmann, president and executive director, Oregon Translational Research and Drug Development Initiative

Courtney Beers, scientist, Amgen

Jean Berry, director of human resources, Allrecipes.com

Betty Bickford, quality assurance manager, Alder Biopharmaceuticals

Craig Biggs, associate director, medical information, Dendreon

Paige Billings, director of corporate training and leadership development, OSI Pharmaceuticals

Bryan Bischel, director of medical and regulatory affairs, Eyetech

Roy Black, scientist, Amgen [Added: 3:30 pm, 1/7/11]

Hal Blumberg, principal scientist, Novo Nordisk

Lisa Bockelie, developer, Bayer Corporate Business Services

Dwight Bolton, contract manufacturing manager, ZymoGenetics

Wendy Bones, technical writer, Dendreon

Mark Booth, chief commercial officer, Orexigen Therapeutics

Luis Borges, scientific director, Amgen

Ken Brasel, scientist II, Dendreon

Lisa Brown, director of information systems, Amgen

Jennifer Campanile, data center hardware facilities planner, IBM @Amgen [Added: 4:40 pm, 1/4/11]

Linda Carlock, scientist, toxicology, Amgen

Kim Carlson, content publisher, Microsoft

Katie Carrigan, director of human resources, ZymoGenetics

Kent Carter, medical science liaison, GTx Pharmaceuticals

Paul Carter, staff scientist and senior director of antibody engineering, Genentech

Doug Cerretti, president and chief scientific officer, CellCyte Genetics

Caroline Chan, director of human resources, Amgen [Added: 2:40 pm, 1/3/11]

Jean Chin, fiscal specialist 2, UW Medical Center

Wilson Chin, research scientist, University of Washington

Carter Clanton, regional business director, Eisai

Bill Clark, manager of metrology and calibration, Dendreon

Howard Clarke, principal development scientist, CMC Icos Biologics

Stephen Cole, systems engineering manager, Symantec [Added: 4:35 pm, 1/6/11]

Helen Cooke, managing director, Cooke Consulting Group [Added: 7:40 pm, 1/12/11]

Kerri Copp, QC senior supervisor, Genentech

David Cosman, board member of Aequus BioPharma, Sustainable Path Foundation and Earth Economics. [Updated: 10:15 am, 11/16/11]

Tom Cox, senior associate scientist, Novo Nordisk [Added: 9:20 pm, 1/4/11]

Vickie Craig, biotechnology professional

Kirby Cramer, chairman emeritus, SonoSite [Added: 9:35 pm, 1/11/11]

Bruce Creaner, operations manager, Dell

Alexis Cunningham, CRA, Abbott Laboratories

Connie Cunningham, real estate agent

Thomas O. Daniel, president of research, Celgene

Kim Davis, marketing manager, Seattle Children’s Hospital

Terri Davis-Smith, researcher, Bastyr University Research Institute

Peter de Vries, associate director of translational science, Ikaria

Mike Deeley, consultant, Somerset Consulting

Tracy Deisher, founder, research and development director, AVM Biotech

Michael DeJardin, business systems analyst, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Alison Del Vento, director of drug safety, Dendreon

Joe Denton, supervisor, QA contract manufacturing, Dendreon

Jonathan Derry, director of research, Sage Bionetworks

Tim Dickenson, system manager, talent stewardship, Providence Health & Services

Marijune Doniego, clinical contracts and finance associate, Gilead Sciences

Bill Dougall, scientist, Amgen

Valoree Dowell, national news specialist, University of Utah

David Drajeske, principal, Biotech BD Consulting

Bob DuBose, executive director, R&D informatics, Amgen

Bryce Dunbar, associate engineer, CMC Icos Biologics

Yvonne Eaton, QC specialist III, Alexion

June Eisenman, founder and board co-chair, Sustainable Path Foundation

Tyler Ellison, president, Pacific Marketing Consultants

Gerald Engley, senior director of medical affairs, ZymoGenetics

Lowell Ericson, board member, Sustainable Path Foundation

Terry Farrah, software engineer, Institute for Systems Biology

Phil Fergusson, director, medical science liaison, ZymoGenetics

Barbara Finck, senior vice president, chief medical officer, NKT Therapeutics

David Fitzpatrick, owner, Biotech Clarity Consulting

Kate Flanders, independent clinical research professional [Added: 2:15 pm PT, 12/5/11]

Chuck Foerder, director, bioanalytical development, Seattle Genetics

Beth Fortmueller, owner, Fortmueller HR Consulting

Alan Frazier, managing partner, Frazier Healthcare Ventures

Eric Frieden, vice president of process science and manufacturing, Axerion Therapeutics

Ed Fritzky, board member, Geron

Victor Fung, executive director, Amgen

Susan Furman, regulatory affairs professional

Laurent Galibert, head of metabolism and inflammation business unit, Addexpharma

Peter Gambacorta, president and CEO, The Learning Retention Company

George Everett Gardipee, supervisor, quality control, lab services, Dendreon

Leslie Garrison, independent pharmaceuticals professional

Richard Gayle, president, SpreadingScience

Richard Ghalie, chief medical officer, HemaQuest Pharmaceuticals

Stephanie Gidlund Feldt, associate director of market planning, Dendreon

Mark Gilbert, biotechnology professional

Randy Gilbert, production lab manager, NanoString Technologies [Added: 10:25 am, 12/29/11]

Steve Gillis, managing director, Arch Venture Partners

Wayne Gombotz, vice president of pharmaceutical operations, Omeros

John Goodleaf, senior systems analyst, Dendreon

Ray Goodwin, co-founder, VLST

Alice Kamp Goshorn, senior patent analyst, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Sally Gould, senior director, RA & QA, Emergent Product Development

Kenneth Grabstein, chief scientific officer, Allozyne

Leah Grant, president, Fluidea

Kris Greco Thompson, director of development and communications, The Wallace Medical Concern

Jennifer Greenough, director of global project management, Amgen

Steve Griggs, director of research informatics, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Erwin Guadiz, PC infrastructure support team leader, Bayer Healthcare

Heidi Hagen, senior vice president of operations, Dendreon

Brian Hall, associate director of FP&A, Seattle Genetics [Updated: 1:20 pm, 1/26/11]

Patty Hall, associate director, clinical research, Emergent Product Development [Added: 12:25 pm, 1/4/11]

Roberta Hanna, bioanalytical scientist

Julia Hart, director of quality and regulatory affairs, LifeCenter Northwest

Danielle Hartigh, group brand leader, Medicis

Ann Hayes, founder, The Danica Children’s Foundation, founder, Concern for the Girl Child

Christopher Henney, chairman of the board, Oncothyreon

Aurora Henry, raw material technical expert

Bruce Hess, research associate, VLST [Added: 8:50 am, 1/4/11]

Jeff Hesselberg, vice president of regulatory affairs, GTx

Rose Hesselbrock, administrative manager, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Tom Hopp, vice president of R&D, CG Therapeutics

Kay Humm, affiliate assistant professor of pharmacy, University of Washington

Gary Hurley, founder/principal, Creative Media Alliance

Eric Jeffery, CRA, Hematologics

Claudia Jochheim, principal consultant, Claudia Jochheim CMC Consulting

Jim Johnson, senior financial executive, former chief financial officer, ZymoGenetics

Jake Johnston, president, The Johnston Group

Andreas Kalmes, senior medical writer, Revalesio

Janet Kautz, independent accounting professional

Ajamete Kaykas, director, Allen Institute for Brain Science [Added: 9:20 pm, 1/4/11]

Mary Kennedy, medical and scientific editor, Mary Kennedy Biomedical Editing

Nancy Kercher, independent biotech professional, regulatory affairs

Anne Kerner, senior consultant, DKPierce & Associates

Randal Ketchem, principal scientist, Amgen

Yuni Kim, independent clinical research professional

Barrett Kimball Barnett, merchandise communications program manager, REI

Susan Kipper, manager of clinical safety, Dendreon

Michael Kirschner, attorney, Hillis, Clark, Martin & Peterson

Michael Kleinberg, independent biotechnology professional

Ralph Klinke, principal consultant, BioFios Consulting

Gerald Kolaja, consultant, Baloa BioConsulting [Added: 3:30 pm, 1/7/11]

Diane Kolb (formerly DiMaggio), faculty recruitment manager and assistant to the chair, Department of Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine [Added: 8:55 am, 1/4/11]

John Kollins, managing director, Locust Walk Partners

Ann Kopischke, product manager, ZymoGenetics

Michael Kranda, chairman, Cardero Therapeutics

Carol Krantz, director of regulatory affairs, Amgen

Keith LaChappelle, facilities manager, Dendreon [Added: 3 pm, 1/13/11]

Tom LaGrandeur, patent attorney, Patent Networks Law Group [Updated: 10:30 am, 12/30/11]

Stacey Lange (King), Realtor, Windermere Real Estate

Randy Lawson, president, Integrity Medical Sales

Mark Leahy, cleantech entrepreneur

Wylene Lengel, director of life sciences, Clarkston Consulting

Rachel Lenington, senior program officer, infectious diseases, global health, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation [Added: 11:45 am, 1/5/11]

David Liebowitz, chief scientific and medical officer, Vivaldi Biosciences

Mike Liptack, software manager, Microsoft [Added: 9:45 am, 1/6/11]

Sarah Litchfield, human resources manager, Amgen [Added: 2:40 pm, 1/3/11]

Lori Lodzinski, biotechnology consultant

Tim Lofton, senior associate scientist, Amgen [Added: 4:40 pm, 1/4/11]

Monica L’Tainen, senior medical science liaison, Cell Therapeutics

Cheryl Lubbert, president, Health Advocacy Strategies

Steve Lupton, biopharmaceutical business development

Stewart Lyman, owner, Lyman Biopharma Consulting

Steve Malaska, vice president, director of biotech prosecution, Intellectual Ventures

Charlie Maliszewski, environmental education/advocacy

David Mann, former board member, Trubion Pharmaceuticals (now Emergent Biosolutions)

Carl March, biotechnology consultant

Andy Marie, senior engineering technician, CMC Icos Biologics

Susan Marley, senior clinical manager, Novartis

Jenny Martin, manager of clinical operations, GU oncology, University of Washington

Scot Maxon, associate director of medical information, ZymoGenetics

MaryAnne McAdams, director of commercial development, Slate Pharmaceuticals [Added: 6:35 pm, 1/4/11]

Jennifer McCarty, senior manager, research and development informatics, Amgen [Added: 12:25 pm, 1/4/11]

Candice McCoy, principal, Phase Plus Consulting

Teri McCune, clinical research consultant, president, TEMC

Neil McDonnell, deputy director of strategy, global health, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Jeff McGrew, scientific director, Amgen

Peggy McHugh, senior director of clinical operations, IRX Therapeutics

Jim McKibben, retired from Amgen in 2010 [Added: 4:40 pm, 1/4/11]

Karen McLeod, associate director, labeling, ZymoGenetics

Cathy McMahan, director of cell sciences, Trubion Pharmaceuticals (now Emergent Biosolutions)

Kim McNeil, Realtor, Nations Realty [Added: 4:40 pm, 1/4/11]

Cathy McSharry, technical support [Added: 1:15 pm, 1/14/11]

Gary Means, principal scientist, Amgen

Jennifer Mitcham, director of program management, Theraclone Sciences

Thomas Mizelle, biotechnology executive

Ken Mohler, senior vice president of R&D, chief scientific officer, Trubion Pharmaceuticals (now Emergent Biosolutions)

Laura Morgan, associate director, QA, Acucela

Philip Morissey, vice president of biology, Amnis

Jurgen Mullberg, group head and project leader in antibody discovery [Added: 9:20 pm, 1/4/11]

Eileen Murphy, senior program manager, Seattle Biomedical Research Institute [Added: 12:40 pm, 1/6/11]

Suzanne Nelson, senior QA associate, Dendreon

Terry Newcomb, senior director, clinical research, Gilead Sciences

Jennifer Newman, associate director of operations and planning, preclinical R&D, ZymoGenetics

Leslie Nordstrom, QC analyst, BioLife Solutions

Anne Norment, owner, Vista Biotechnology Analysis

Barbara Norwood, quality control supervisor, in vitro biology and microbiology, Dendreon [Added: 8:05 pm, 1/17/11]

Carol Olson, co-chair, Sustainable Path Foundation

Robert Overell, president and CEO, PhaseRx

Mimi Ozaki, clinical regulatory assistant, Trubion Pharmaceuticals (now Emergent Biosolutions)

Cyndi Paluch, reimbursement regional manager, Bayer Healthcare

Dawn Papp, senior executive assistant, Dendreon [Added: 8:05 pm, 1/12/11]

Linda Park, co-chair, Sustainable Path Foundation

Vickie Park, project coordinator, Northwest Hospital

Craig Parker, CEO, Vega Therapeutics

H. Stewart Parker, commercialization advisor, Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association

Arleen Paulino, executive director, PD, Amgen

Ray Paxton, research director

Jacques Peschon, senior research scientist, Institute for Systems Biology

Dean Pettit, executive director of process and product development, Amgen

Peggy V. Phillips, board member, Dynavax Technologies

Tom Philpott, service delivery manager, IBM @Amgen [Added: 4:40 pm, 1/4/11]

Kathy Picha, regulatory affairs manager, Dendreon

Nancy Plant, founder and managing member, Adkins, Plant, Elvins & Black

Dave Pon, director of finance, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Karen Porter, business system analyst

Mike Preberowsky, independent pharmaceuticals professional

Steven Price, AVP, new products global strategic marketing, ImClone Systems, a subsidiary of Eli Lilly [Added: 12:40 pm, 1/6/11]

Cheryl Purdie, senior drug safety specialist, Human Genome Sciences

Brian Rabinovich, experimental diagnostic imaging group leader, genetic engineering and immunological imaging, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center [Added: 11:38 am, 1/22/11]

Seamus Ragan, scientist, Amgen

Carmen Rahm, assistant vice president for information technology, Central Washington University [Added: 4:40 pm, 1/4/11]

Fred Ramsdell, director, Novo Nordisk

Tom Ranken, president and CEO, Washington Clean Technology Alliance

Janet Rose Rea, clinical assistant professor, University of Washington, and founder, principal consultan, QARA Services [Added: 2:58 pm, 1/3/11]

Judy Rightmire, corporate communications associate, Dendreon

Bill Robertson, cGMP compliance consultant, V2 Bio-Consulting

Chris Rosenau, staffing manager, Microsoft

Eileen Roux, senior manager, Amgen

Timothy Ruane, chief executive officer, InSite Vision [Added: 4:49 pm, 1/4/11]

Abbe Rubin, secretary and treasurer, Sustainable Path Foundation

David Sabritt, president, Sabritt Solutions

William Sargent Jr., vice president of investor relations and communications, Auxilium Pharmaceuticals

Deanna Hill Saxbe, senior associate, Amgen

Nancy Scherer, owner, Altis Medical and Scientific Writing [Updated: 7:40 pm, 1/12/11]

Gordon Schiff, principal database administrator, Amgen

Ann Schmierer, strategic corporate liaison for the Georgia Institute of Technology

Dale Scott, program director, Seattle Genetics

Suzy Scott, owner, A Well Planned Event

Su Searle, corporate facilities maintenance planner/scheduler, Dendreon [Added: 3 pm, 1/13/11]

Kurt Shanebeck, scientist, Allozyne [Added: 12:40 pm, 1/6/11]

Robin Shapiro, founder and CEO, Health Advocacy Strategies

Alicia Sharkey, quality assurance contractor, Bayer Healthcare

Victoria Shaw, clinical consultant, ZymoGenetics

Beth Shore, executive assistant

Muriel Siadak, director of medical science liaisons, Seattle Genetics

John Sims, executive director, Amgen

Pallavur Sivakumar, principal scientist, cellular immunology, Novo Nordisk

Joan Skelly, data center manager, IBM @Amgen [Added: 4:40 pm, 1/4/11]

Jennifer Slack, board member, Sustainable Path Foundation

Paul Sleath, president and CEO, Dharma Therapeutics

Craig Smith, founder, chairman of the scientific advisory board, VLST

Jennifer Smith-Yuen, director of global project management, Amgen

Pamela Smolak, senior research associate, VLST [Updated: 9:31 pm, 1/11/11]

James Smothers, director, GlaxoSmithKline

Mark Snyder, associate director, HIV marketing, Gilead Sciences

Julia Sokol, regulatory affairs and quality biopharmaceutical professional

Melanie Solari, facilities manager, Bayer Healthcare [Added: 2:40 pm 1/3/11]

Susan Specht, director of investor relations, Dendreon

Roxanne Splett-Young, senior associate lab, Amgen

Suzanne Sprunger, patent attorney

Subha Srinivasan, founder and president, Jivan Biologics

Dave Staley, electrical engineer, Washington Division of URS Corporation [Added: 4:40 pm, 1/4/11]

Kim Stocking, principal veterinarian, Amgen [Added: 7:15 pm, 1/21/11]

Rick Stead, founder and principal, Biopharma Consulting Services

Marie Steffens, senior business analyst, Dendreon

Jody Stephens, paralegal, Corbis

Shelia Stephens, associate director of data management, Janssen Alzheimer’s Immunotherapy R&D

Kendall Stever, chief financial officer, BGS Pharmacy Partners

Linda Strader, Realter, Coldwell Banker Danforth

Craig Strathdee, executive scientist, Amgen [Added: 8:20 am, 1/23/11]

Kay Stremler, consultant, Stremler International Solutions

Bill Stretch, senior program manager, product development, Dendreon

Ann Suhadolnik, clinical research consultant

Margaret Summersgill, senior project manager, Amgen

Loni Syltebo, principal, Incline Marketing

Scott Taylor, senior scientist, Amgen

Dennis Thireault, project manager for business development and marketing analysis, PPD scientist, Hunan Youtell Biochemical

Doug Thompson Kisker, project manager, Seattle Biomedical Research Institute

Allison Torgesen, senior QC analyst, Seattle Genetics

Sandra Toussaint, office manager, PPD

Anne Trench, board member, Danica Children’s Foundation; Instructor, English for Parents, Atlantic Street Center [Added: 9 pm, 1/4/11]

Wayne Tsuji, associate clinical professor, University of Washington

Bob Ulrich, principal IS DBA, Amgen

Susan Ulrich-Angell, clinical trial associate I, Dendreon

David Urdal, executive vice president, chief scientific officer, Dendreon

Annette Vahratian, principal, AV Biopharma Consulting

Carol Vaisanen, senior consultant

Tim Vanden Bos, biotechnology professional

Gayle Van Mouwerik, senior project coordinator, Amgen

Kirk Van Ness, senior manager of preclinical development, AVI Biopharma

Moya Vazquez, biotechnology marketing consultant

William Villella, regional medical head, Novartis

Jo Viney, executive director of research, Amgen

G. Duke Virca, senior director of inflammation research, Amgen

Dawn Viveash, senior vice president, head of global quality, regulatory affairs, and safety, Orexigen Therapeutics

Wayne Wallis, principal, Dyad Life Science

Lee Wanke, independent pharmaceuticals professional

Susan Ware, business analyst, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Tim Warner, communications executive

Steve Waugh, director of downstream process development, CMC Icos Biologics

Bill Waye, senior database administrator, Amgen

Tim Westhoff, records manager, Sharebuilder

Cathi White, owner, ZLC & Associates

James Whitmore, vice president of biometrics, Dendreon

Mike Widmer, chairman of the board, Genmab

Christopher Wight, counsel at Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione

Janis Wignall, owner, Wignall Consultant

Steven Wiley, founder and president, Imdaptive

Doug Williams, executive vice president of R&D, Biogen Idec [Updated:10:30 pm, 1/5/11]

Anita Williamson, contract recruiter

Robb Wolfe, information technology professional [Added: 4:40 pm, 1/4/11]

Sharon Wong-Madden, project manager, malaria program, Seattle Biomedical Research Institute

Mei-Ling Woo, agent/owner, State Farm Insurance

Zhengbin (Bing) Yao, senior vice president of respiratory, inflammation, autoimmunity, MedImmune [Added: 9:35 pm, 1/4/11]

Che-Hung Yeh, head of U.S. IMP quality operations, Roche/Genentech

Vanessa Pham Yi, manager, document administration, Quorum Review IRB

Adel Youakim, independent arts/crafts professional

Scott Young, supervisor, site engineering, Bayer Healthcare

Beth Ziemba, director of global safety surveillance, ZymoGenetics

Ed Zimney, safety operations physician, Genentech

Travis Zundel, executive account manager, Lifespan Biosciences

Craig Zupke, principal scientist, Amgen

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  • Ajamete Kaykas

    Here are a few more that were forgotten;

    Jurgen Mulberg, Scientist Novartis Vaccine Research

    Pam Smolak, Scientist VLST

    Tom Cox, Scientist Novo Nordisk

    Ajamete Kaykas, Director Allen Institute for Brain Science

  • Thanks Ajamete. I’ve added those people to the list above, and have added the most recent titles I see. I don’t see Mullberg’s new title with Novartis on LinkedIn, and based on her LinkedIn profile, Pam Smolak looks to be no longer with VLST.

    Like I said above in the story, if anyone wants to chime in with more updated titles, please let me know and I’ll make the change.

  • As previous Immunex employee, I hold fond memories and just read an article about my dear old boss, Doug Williams who just accepted a new position as Executive V.P. of Biogen Idec

  • Diane Kolb

    Luke, thanks for the great articles! I too read about Doug Williams and am happy to hear he’s heading back to R&D. So many talents came together under one roof at Immunex. To date, I continue to say that I have had a great career in my chosen path with many wonderful people…but so far, none has come close to the Immunex family.

  • Stephen Cole

    Thanks for this wonderful summary of our Immunex colleagues’ post-Imnx lives. Wonderful.

    Immunex was the start of my career in IT. After completing my MBA post-Amgen acquisition, I have managed in a series of IT organizations, inlcuding EMC, SGI, Commvault and now Symantec.

    I will forever be indebted to Immunex for the opportunity, the environment and the wonderful professionals that I met there.

  • Stephen—thanks for the comment. I can’t help but wonder what you think it was about the culture that made Immunex so special, and how it’s different from many biotech workplaces of today. I’d love to hear from other Immunoids on that one too.

  • I’m an ex-Immunoid. I’m consulting in pathology in San Diego. Baloa BioConsulting, LLC

  • Suzen

    Hi Luke.
    I was with Immunex in Bothell before the “Baby Poster” was released. I did stay with Amgen when we got bought, and moved to the Helix site on the waterfront. Many years have gone by and I have found myself in Denderon with other great collegues. I am the Corp. Facilities Maintenace Planner/Scheduler. Keith LaChappelle is here too. After he left when the “Baby Poster” came out, he struck out on his own and developed the http://www.chimpsanctuarynw.org. He has since come back into the BioTech world and is now my boss as the Corp. Facilities Manager here in Seattle. Small world.
    Hey Immuniods, wanna hook up for a meet up @ Maggies? It’s been so long! I’m also on LinkIN, find me! Happy New Year!

  • Cathy McSharry

    I worked at Immunex from 1996 to 2002 and loved every minute of it. There will never be another Immunex. It was challenging yet rewarding. We were a family who worked together to accomplish the task at hand. I truly loved working at Immunex and miss it greatly. I agree with Diane, so many talents came together under one roof at Immunex.

  • Worked at Immunex from ’91-’94. Truly a dynamic environment composed of a work force with a collectively inspiring attitude. I am honored to have had the opportunity to experience it.

  • breana

    My mom was an immunoid, and she still works for Amgen. I’m doing a project for school on both companies, but I can’t find how many employees they had at any given time. Would somebody please tell me how many immunoids there were by 1982? Thank you very much.
    sincerely, Breana

  • From august to october of 1982, I spent 3 months there as a research consultant, in part because of my frienship w/ Jacques Bertoglio (an INSERM scientist : french équivalenbt of NIH) who worked in Immunex a couple of years. It was the very beginning of Immunex, then localized on one floor of 51, University. My best souvenir ? The TGIF ! Thank’s God It’s Friday.
    Chris and Steven were very kind to me, but I couldn’t accept their proposal because of a national commitment (Service National). Dommage ! What a shame.
    Where are they, and Chris, and Steven, and Larry (Lachman), and etc. I just found Diane Mochizuki on LinkedIn.


    Post-Scriptum : I found the mistake everybody made w/ IL-2. In fact, it’s very simple to make it works. We got a lysis syndrom w/ a multimetastaic lung carcinoma just adding 2 very spécific oligo-elements. Mysterious enough, isn’t it ?