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The Dendreon Alumni: Where Are They Now?

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Gilles Lefebvre, associate director, upstream process development, Trubion Pharmaceuticals

Therese Leggiere, quality assurance manager, Olympic Medical

Pocheng Liu, senior scientist, SAFC Pharma/Sigma Aldrich

Paul Lundy, senior director, facilities, Seattle Genetics [Added: 5 pm, 4/2/10]

Jerome Lyons, office manager, HemaQuest Pharmaceuticals

Ed Madison, chief scientific officer, Catalyst Biosciences

Kristi Manjarrez, senior director of clinical affairs, VentiRx Pharmaceuticals

Donna Matuizek, senior regulatory/quality assurance consultant/contractor, Harris Group

Cathy McMahan, associate director, cell sciences, Trubion Pharmaceuticals

Jenny Miller, biotech and medical device manufacturing training professional

Shirley Miller, software quality validation engineering consultant

Bryan Monroe, process science fellow, Life Technologies [Added: 8:15 pm, 4/1/10]

Gregg Monten, manager, quality control, Seattle Genetics

Ofir Moreno, managing director, Vivex International

Amy Myers, medical writing, PPD

Nancy Norton, senior commercial attorney, Avanade

Maria Ochoa, project manager, U.S. store services, Starbucks Coffee

Madhusudan Peshwa, executive vice president, cell therapies, MaxCyte

Grant Pickering, CEO, Juvaris BioTherapeutics

Abraham Polk, senior CMC project manager, Seattle Genetics

Aaron Posey, senior research associate, preclinical pharmacology, VLST [Updated: 2:10 pm, 3/31/10]

Julie Rathbun, owner, Rathbun Communications

Ellen Reimer, teacher, Seattle Public Schools

Rich Rieger, senior engagement manager, LEK Consulting [Updated: 11:15 pm, 3/31/10]

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  • Rich Gaeto
  • Bryan Monroe

    Hi Luke. I was missing from the list. My group was responsible for all of the fermentation scaleup and clinical manufacturing for Provenge. I was employee #36. My first hire into the group was Mara Boykin, who had worked for me previously at ZymoGenetics in a similar role. I have been at Life Technologies since 2002.

    Bryan D. Monroe
    Process Science Fellow
    Life Technologies