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The Seattle Biotech Survival Index: Companies Bounce Back in Mid-2009

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Cash on hand: $262.9 million
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SonoSite Buys CardioDynamics for $12.3M
SonoSite Sales Dip 12 Percent

Targeted Genetics (NASDAQ: TGEN)
Cash on hand: $2.5 million
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Targeted Genetics Survives Brush With Death, Sells Gene Therapy IP to Genzyme for $7M
Targeted Genetics Cuts Workforce in Half in Bid to Survive Into August
Stewart Parker Resigns from Targeted Genetics After Gene Therapy Setbacks
Targeted Genetics, Mainstay of Gene Therapy, Faces Likely Shutdown
Targeted Genetics’ Legacy: No Cures, But a Generation of Seattle Biotechies

Trubion Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: TRBN)
Cash on hand: $37.4 million
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Trubion Gets $20M Upfront in Leukemia Drug Partnership With Facet; Shares Boom
Trubion Pushing Forward Arthritis Trials, Working to Re-Ignite the Spark for Investors
Trubion Cuts One-Fourth of Workforce
Pfizer’s Bid For Wyeth Sends Ripples Through Trubion Pharmaceuticals, Seattle Biotechs

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ZymoGenetics (NASDAQ: ZGEN)
Cash on hand: $118.2 million
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ZymoGenetics Snags $1.1 Billion Partnership With Bristol-Myers For Hepatitis C Drug
ZymoGenetics Plays Hardball, Asks FDA to Pull Competing Drug Off Market Because of Safety
ZymoGenetics Drug Sales Still Slumping After Full Year on Market
ZymoGenetics’ New Boss Sees Parallels to Dark Days at Immunex
ZymoGenetics Clamps Down on Losses, Predicts Climbing Recothrom Sales
ZymoGenetics Cuts One-Third of Workforce To Hold Onto Cash
ZymoGenetics Unloads Drug Candidates to Cut Costs, Spin Off New Company

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