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The Seattle Biotech Survival Index: Companies Bounce Back in Mid-2009

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Dendreon (NASDAQ: DNDN)
Cash on hand: $287.5 million
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No Devil in Details: Dendreon Data Stands Up to Scrutiny from Doctors, Investors
Dendreon Goes on Hiring Binge After Prostate Cancer Drug Boosts Survival
Dendreon Drug Works, But Can It Manufacture Enough to Meet Demand?
Dendreon Tames Short Sellers, Transforms Itself into Old-School Buy-and-Hold Stock
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Cash on hand: $9.4 million
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MDRNA Cuts Executive Pay, Freezes Salaries as Cash Runs Out
MDRNA Pays Off $5.5M Debt
MDRNA Nabs $7.25M From Novartis

Cash on hand: $10.4 million
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Omeros Moves Closer To IPO, Sets Price Goal

OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: OGXI)
Cash on hand: $5.7 million
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OncoGenex, Toiling in Dendreon’s Shadow, Scopes Out Partners For Prostate Cancer Drug
OncoGenex Raises $9.5M
OncoGenex Drug Helps Prostate Cancer Patients Live Longer in Small Study
Prostate Cancer Drug Vaults OncoGenex Onto Investor Radar Screens

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Oncothyreon (NASDAQ: ONTY)
Cash on hand: $22.7 million
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Oncothyreon Sells Off Stimuvax, Cuts Jobs, Facilities To Preserve Cash
Oncothyreon Raises $15M

Seattle Genetics (NASDAQ: SGEN)
Cash on hand: $189.9 million
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Seattle Genetics “Empowered Antibody” Shines at Blood Disease Meeting
Seattle Genetics Defies Gravity With Biotech’s First Underwritten Stock Sale in Six Months
Seattle Genetics Gets $136M Total
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