The Greater Vancouver Gaming Cluster

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Blazing Games
Makes online distraction games. Many are open source.

Blue Castle Games
Made the BIGS baseball game and MLB Front Office Manager.

Clicktoy Interactive
Safe games for toddlers, makers of the Meadow.

Runs Supergroup, an interactive music game. Also makes ZenStrings which generates videogame music based on a proprietary algorithm.

Deep Fried Entertainment
Makers of baseball games MLB Superstars and Fantasy All-Stars.

Electronic Arts Canada
Canadian base of the Sims maker.

Hellbent Games
Developed Lego Battles for Warner Brothers Interactive.

Hothead Games
Developed Penny Arcade episodic game, Swarm, and Deathspank. Yes, Deathspank.

Jarhead Games
Makers of military games like Marine Sharpshooter and Navy SEALs.

Jet Black Games
Nintendo DS and Wii game maker. Titles include Baby Pals, Dancing with the Stars, and Popeye Boxing.

Jolly Bear Games
Downloadable puzzle and simulation games, free for an hour of play before purchase.

Kerberos Productions
Makes the Sword of the Stars series of strategy games.

Klei Entertainment
Makes online games like Eets and Sugar Rush. … Next Page »

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  • Chris

    Even if Disney hadn’t bought them, Club Penguin wouldn’t be in this list. Club Penguin is not based in Vancouver, but Kelowna, a town 200 miles away.

  • Thanks for pointing that out, a better example is now in place.

  • Abby

    I’m surprised you didn’t include Next Level Games. They’ve been in steady business for the past 7 years and have released titles like Punch out for Wii.