It’s Easy Being Green: Seattle Is Greenest City, Oregon Is Greenest State; Massachusetts and Washington #2 and #4

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cities with the “most educated workforce”—Boston ranked 13th—neither Washington nor Oregon made the top 20 in state education climate—whereas five New England states made the top 10. The education climate takes into account factors like student-to-teacher ratios, high-school graduation rates, enrollment rates at colleges, and spending per pupil:

1. Vermont
2. New Hampshire
3. North Dakota
4. Iowa
5. Nebraska
6. Wyoming
7. Maine
8. Massachusetts
8. Rhode Island (tie)
10. Kansas
11. New Jersey
12. Wisconsin
13. South Dakota
14. Missouri
15. Minnesota
16. West Virginia
17. New York
18. Arkansas
19. Montana
19. Virginia (tie)

All of this fits completely with Xconomist Ed Lazowska’s recent post about the sorry state of education in Washington. It may be easy being green, but if the data is right, we Seattlites should really be green with envy—for the way the Northeast invests in its children.

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