Morgenthaler Names Finalists for Health IT Pitch Fest; We've Got the Graphics & Videos

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Aidin (Nashville, TN; founded 2011 by Russ Graney, Mike Galbo, and Janan Rajeevikaran) offers a hospital discharge solution for social workers and case managers to refer patients to post-acute care providers or to receive care in the home. Aidin integrates into the discharge planning workflow to free social workers from administrative tasks and re-center their time around patients. By automatically generating listings of available providers, Aidin eliminates phone calls and faxes and empowers patients with quality of care ratings and reviews to make decision-making quick, easy, and informed. Aidin works with hospitals to track patient experiences and outcomes to help case managers gain insight into which post-acute providers best serve specific health conditions.

CaptureProof (Los Angeles, CA; founded 2012 by Meghan Conroy) captures, shares and compares patient images for easy analysis by doctors who want to monitor their patient’s health and physical healing over time.

Capture Proof on the iPhone


Honorable Mentions

Genomera (San Francisco, CA; founded 2010 by Greg Biggers) is a crowdsourcing health discovery service that helps any consumer create group health studies or clinical trials using social networking.

Genomera Screenshot


Cara Health (Chicago, IL; founded by Enda Madden, Carl Vogel, and Dr. Carmel Martin) uses language analytics and machine learning algorithms to calculate risk of unplanned adverse events based on live conversations with patients who are reporting their health status with care managers at call centers.

Cara Health Screenshot


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