Morgenthaler Names Finalists for Health IT Pitch Fest; We've Got the Graphics & Videos

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HeathLoop (San Francisco, CA; founded 2009 by Jordan Shlain and Mike Kaplan) offers an automated patient follow-up solution that tracks patient recovery and improves outcomes by engaging patients with their doctor between visits. HealthLoop connects patients directly with their physician throughout their healthcare journey—before a procedure and after they go home. HealthLoop’s SaaS platform and library of clinical protocols provide an intelligent and simple follow up system—“the electronic housecall”. A physician prescribes a ‘loop’ which consists of reminders, questions and care instructions that feed back to their office. At each online check-in, the patient is oriented to timely ‘action items’ and answers clinical questions based on where he should be in the recovery process. Physicians and staff are informed if a patient appears at risk of a complication, treatment failure or hospital readmission.

HealthLoop screenshot


Comprisma (Washington, D.C.; founded 2010 by Chris Dugan and Adam Pelavin) makes health insurance markets healthier by providing risk markets for health insurers to share risk with one another, reducing the uncertainty and volatility in aggregate policy experience.

Honorable Mention:

NudgeRX (Seattle, WA; founded 2010 by David Schuster, John Schuster, Robert Parker, and Maureen Meyer) reduces unplanned hospital admissions by providing daily, web-based recovery monitoring and guidance for patients and caregiver.

NudgeRX screenshot


Seed-Stage Finalists

Nephosity (San Francisco, CA; founded 2010 by Michael Pan and Zaich Chang) is building an iPad viewer app and cloud server that enables collaborative access to medical images, anywhere, anytime.

Nephosity app


Force Therapeutics (New York, NY; founded 2010 by Bronwyn Spira and Mark Lieberman) is a physical therapy platform for both consumers and physical therapists that leverages telehealth to help deliver mobile care in real time.

Force Therapeutics


United Preference (Chicago, IL; founded 2011 by Mark Hall and Pamela Hall) offers flexible payment architectures on an easy-to-administer card platform for the delivery of employee and health plan incentives that help drive healthy behavior (Chicago, IL). Their programs are responsible for 200,000 lives nationally.

United Preference screenshot


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