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The Affymetrix Alumni: Where Are They Now?

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Jennifer Tye, marketing, Genentech

Sean Walsh, vice president of product development, Veracyte

Eric Wang, senior statistical geneticist, Aria Diagnostics

Ian Walton, director, engineering, Life Technologies

Eva Wang, senior director, information sciences and biostatistics, XDx

Lin Wang, director customer insights, Glu Mobile

Janet Warrington, co-founder and senior vice president of operations, Second Genome

Armin Winands, vice president of sales and support in Europe, Ion Torrent Systems

Frank Witney, CEO, Affymetrix (he had an earlier stint at Affymetrix before returning as CEO in 2011). [Added: 10:30 am, 5/3/12]

Kai Wu, senior researcher, Intel

Greg Yap, lifecycle leader (SVP), Advanced Assays, Roche Diagnostics

Jean Yee, director of finance, Ariosa Diagnostics

Suzanne Yokota, VP of marketing and commercial operations, Verinata Health

Ted Young, sales, DVS Sciences

George Yu, counsel, Schiff Hardin

Yan Zhang, vice president of market development, Asia, Ion Torrent Systems

Wei Zhou, CEO, Centrillion Biosciences

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  • This list includes not just mover-shaker types, but also the rank-and-file in scientific and business roles. The group, in alphabetical order, includes more than 200 names at last count, and I expect it to grow over time.

  • The silent majority

    What an elitist attitude. There are several folks on this list that literally ruined companies to the ground when they left Affy and tried to be useful elsewhere