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The Affymetrix Alumni: Where Are They Now?

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Mike Hoerres, CEO, Cernostics

Jing-Shan “Jennifer” Hu, vice president and head of innovation center China, global drug discovery, Bayer Healthcare

Earl Hubbell, principal statistician, Ion Torrent Systems

Ed Hurwitz, director, Alta Partners [Added: 10:45 am, 5/3/12]

Elizabeth Hutt, CEO, NuGEN Technologies

Lee Jacobek, director of product management, Thomson Reuters

Maneesh Jain, vice president of business development and marketing, Ion Torrent Systems

Hywel Jones, healthcare consultant

Steve Karas, independent biotechnology professional (says he’s “retired and enjoying life”)

George Karlin-Neumann, senior director of diagnostics assay development, QuantaLife

Debbie Keenan, manager, service and support, Illumina

Chris Kendrick-Parker, chief commercial officer, Cellular Dynamics International

Guilia Kennedy, chief scientific officer, Veracyte

Mitchell Kennedy, vice president and general manager, LSR-Genomics, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Neil Kennedy, vice president of sales, DVS Sciences

Elizabeth Kerr, senior director of qPCR strategy and portfolio/program management, Life Technologies

David King, interactive producer, iTunes, Apple

Lutz Kirchrath, managing director of Europe and Asia Pacific, NuGEN Technologies

Karen Kirk, owner, KLK Consulting

Jamie Kole, vice president of finance and administration, Ion Torrent Systems

Thane Kreiner, executive director of the Center for Science, Technology and Society, Santa Clara University.

Lori Lai, senior scientific affairs manager, Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics

Pamela Lambert, vice president of program, quality and compliance management, Pathwork Diagnostics

Dirk Lammerts, managing director, digital health, Burrill & Co. [Added: 3:55 pm, 5/3/12]

Trace Lane, business development manager, Sequenom

Janet Lankard, vice president of commercial operations, North America, BioScale

Griffen Lauer, western district sales manager, Fluidigm

Jennifer Leib, partner, HealthFutures

Mike Lelivelt, director of bioinformatics, Ion Torrent Systems

Jake Leschly, CEO, Ingenuity Systems

Chip Leveille, chief operating officer, BioScale

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  • This list includes not just mover-shaker types, but also the rank-and-file in scientific and business roles. The group, in alphabetical order, includes more than 200 names at last count, and I expect it to grow over time.

  • The silent majority

    What an elitist attitude. There are several folks on this list that literally ruined companies to the ground when they left Affy and tried to be useful elsewhere