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The Affymetrix Alumni: Where Are They Now?

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Paul Doran, strategic alliance manager, Cellular Dynamics

James Drees, sales enablement manager, Seagate Technology

Jorg Drenkow, research associate, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Mark Dronsfield, European sales director, RainDance Technologies

Kevin Dunne, clinical and pharma specialist, Complete Genomics

Ann Edwards, senior human resources manager, Takeda San Francisco

Nancy Ellington, senior director of compensation, benefits and HRIS, Intellectual Ventures

Robert Ellis, consultant [Added: 11:50 am PT, 5/2/12]

Nicole Ellis Ovadia, senior product manager, global commercial platforms, BD Biosciences

Malek Faham, chief scientific officer, Sequenta

Hossein Fakhrai-Rad, founder and CEO, Genophen

Mat Falkowski, director, Skukuru

Patrizia Fazeli, senior marcom specialist, Agilent Technologies

Gregg Fergus, president and COO, Ion Torrent Systems (part of Life Technologies)

Jacqueline Fidanza, senior manager of manufacturing, Ion Torrent Systems

Curtis Fideler, director sales manager, Illumina

Sandra Finley, vice president of strategic marketing, Aviir

Jeff Fitzgerald, director of business development, Expression Analysis

Stephen Fodor, chairman of the board, Affymetrix [Added: 10:30 am, 5/3/12]

David Fullerton, senior R&D engineering technician, RainDance Technologies

Hana Gage, commercial director, Pacific Asia & Latin America, Fluidigm

Amy Gannaway, senior director, WW HRIS, VMware

Matthew Garrett, chief financial officer, Navigenics

Erik Gentalen, director of product support, ProteinSimple

Srinka Ghosh, senior bioinformatics applications manager, Complete Genomics

Martin Goldberg, chief operating officer, Gen9 [Added: 11:50 am PT, 5/2/12]

Stu Grabar, director of manufacturing, T2 Biosystems

Anthony Green, senior translational genomics specialist, Illumina

Jeff Gruszynski, principal, director of R&D, Core Wafer Systems

Cyrus Harmon, CEO, Olema Pharmaceuticals

Richard Henfrey, associate director of marketing in Europe, Illumina

Christian Henry, chief financial officer, Illumina

Lucas Hickey, associate director of sales and market development, PacBio

Steve Holmes, counsel, Kaye Scholer [Added: 10:30 am, 5/3/12]

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  • This list includes not just mover-shaker types, but also the rank-and-file in scientific and business roles. The group, in alphabetical order, includes more than 200 names at last count, and I expect it to grow over time.

  • The silent majority

    What an elitist attitude. There are several folks on this list that literally ruined companies to the ground when they left Affy and tried to be useful elsewhere