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The Affymetrix Alumni: Where Are They Now?

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Tony Bartlett, managing director/principal consultant, Tacit Bio Innovation Limited

John Batty, advisory board, RidePal

Jody Beecher, vice president of operations at Fluxion Biosciences

Nancy Benson, quality systems consultant

Anna Berdine, senior director of genetic analysis and qPCR, Life Technologies

Dennis Bishop, director of finance, Olympus Corp of the Americas

Rebecca Bishop, clinical market development director, Complete Genomics

Bob Blalock, sales director, Asia Pacific and Japan, Illumina

John Blume, chief science officer, Applied Proteomics

Andrew Boudreau, senior product manager, DNAnexus

Anne Bowdidge (Curry), senior director of investor relations, Medivation

Meri Bozzini, director of product management, Life Technologies

James Brayer, global manager, market development, RainDance Technologies

Pat Brooks, vice president of international sales, Ion Torrent

Tommy Broudy, chief scientific officer, Molecular Response

Laisha Bruckner-Kaufman, payroll/HR manager, LiveWorld

Alicia Burt, senior product manager, Agilent Technologies

Kathy Cannon, executive assistant, Juniper Networks

Wei William Cao, president, China Biotech Group

Yan Cao, associate director of program management, Ion Torrent Systems

Michele Cargill, chief scientific officer, Locus Development

Bob Carroll, operations consultant and contractor

Niv Caviar, owner at OC Life Science Partners

Simon Cawley, senior director of analysis software, Ion Torrent Systems

Lauretta Cesario, vice president of human resources, FivePrime Therapeutics

Moses Cesario, chief operations officer, MogoTXT

Paul Chapman, vice president of information technology, VMware

Susanna Chau, investor relations manager, Astex Pharmaceuticals

Ramin Chaybani, founding partner, Novoptim

Mark Chee, CEO, PrognoSys Biosciences [Added: 3:05 pm PT, 5/2/12]

Yuhua Ashley Chen, founder, Beijing Define Technology

Steve Chervitz (Trutane), senior computational biologist, Omicia … Next Page »

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  • This list includes not just mover-shaker types, but also the rank-and-file in scientific and business roles. The group, in alphabetical order, includes more than 200 names at last count, and I expect it to grow over time.

  • The silent majority

    What an elitist attitude. There are several folks on this list that literally ruined companies to the ground when they left Affy and tried to be useful elsewhere