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rec engines. We have customers building them with our technology.”

Zweben himself is new to the company; he took on the executive chairman role last month, coming most recently from SeeSaw Networks, a digital media company he co-founded. Before his entrepreneurial career, Zweben served as deputy branch chief of the NASA Ames Artificial Intelligence branch. But, as a four-time entrepreneur and a long-term guitar player, the position seemed like a good fit.

Wilder developed the analysis and search functions in 2007, but the 10-person company is “in the earliest stage you can be as a company generating revenue,” Zweben says. “We’re in that really exciting phase where we’ve released our product, customers are paying and we’re out there growing the company, seeking the financing.” Clio is starting its series A now; the company was initially funded by angel investors in its early seed round.

For now, Clio’s main product is licensing the technology as a service to other businesses. The company plans to release other products soon, but sees its search engine as its strongest point. There are a lot of other platforms that offer music search, but Zweben isn’t aware of any competitors that can offer the same kind of technology.

“I am very excited with our progress. Stay tuned for more product announcements,” he says.

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    Is it any search engine especially for all type of music search?