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The Big Stories of 2011 at Xconomy San Francisco

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Next, here’s a list of some of the most significant biotechnology and life science stories coming out of the Bay Area in 2011, courtesy of our national biotechnology editor Luke Timmerman.

Gilead Pursues Cancer Inflammation as Next Step to Diversify Beyond HIV (2/23/11)

PacBio, After 7 Years and $580 Million, Starts Shipping New-Generation DNA Sequencer (4/27/11)

Kilimanjaro Energy Seeks to Pop Loose Trillions Worth of Underground Oil, Save the World (5/2/11)

iPierian, Stem Cell Startup with Big Bucks, Axes Group of Top Executives (5/13/11)

23andMe Moves Beyond Simple Consumer DNA Sequencing, Sets Sight on Research (5/24/11)

Tony Coles’ Journey from Mass General Doctor to SF Biotech CEO (8/18/11)

AdverseEvents.com Seeks To Keep Track of Drug Side Effects The Way the FDA Never Could (9/27/11)

Biotech VCs Have a Problem, And It Will Only Get Worse Before It Gets Better (10/24/11)


Google Ventures Leads $20M Round for Transphorm to Battle “Hidden Tax” in Power Conversion (2/23/11)

The Apple of Solar Energy? Enphase Applies Silicon Valley Smarts to Solar’s Neglected Plumbing (3/15/11)

LS9, Creator of Synthetic Microbes to Make Biofuel, Edges Toward Moment of Truth (6/15/11)

DuPont Scoops Up “Silicon Ink” Maker Innovalight (7/25/11)

Solazyme, Founded on ‘Delusional’ Idea of Algae Biofuel, Stakes Claim as Industry’s First Mover (7/27/11)

Gary Bloom Q&A: The Search-and-Rescue CEO Who Just Sold eMeter to Siemens (12/6/11)


Finally, here’s a rundown of 10 most-read stories coming out of Xconomy San Francisco in 2011, in terms of page views. (This list doesn’t count articles from my weekly column, World Wide Wade, or Luke’s column, BioBeat, which both run nationally.)

1. Pinnacle Looks Beyond Detroit as the Market for Its Opposed-Piston Engine (10/4/11)

2. PARC Fires Back at New Yorker, Claiming Old Apple Legend Misses Point of How Innovation Works Today (5/13/11)

3. Are Free Motorola Phones in Our Future? A VC’s Take on Why Google is Buying Motorola (8/17/11)

4. Checking In from the Meebo Bar: A Social Startup’s Latest Big Swing at Bat (10/12/11)

5. Crocodoc Rolls Out Embeddable HTML5 Document Viewer; YC Startup Wants to Be “The New Adobe of the Web,” Sans Flash (2/16/11)

6. Dear Apple: Go Big with Siri and Nuance in iOS 5 (6/4/11)

7. Inside Google’s Age of Augmented Humanity (2/28/11; single-page version of the series)

8. Merck Shuts Down RNAi Research Center in SF, Cutting 50 Jobs (7/29/11)

9. Hunting HiPPOs: Optimizely’s Testing Tools Bring Data-Driven Web Design to the Masses (5/17/11)

10. Prospect Venture Partners’ Alex Barkas Dies Suddenly (11/22/11)

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