Xconomy Forum: Big Data Meets Big Biology
1:00  2:00 Registration & Networking
2:00  2:10 Welcome
Bruce V. Bigelow, Editor, Xconomy San Diego
Jim Edwards, Publisher, Xconomy
Francis deSouza, President and successor CEO, Illumina
2:10  2:30 The Big Picture: The Genomics Revolution and Tech Innovation
Nicholas Schork, Professor and Director of Human Biology, J. Craig Venter Institute
2:30  2:55 How Edico Genome Solved a Sequencing Bottleneck
Lucian Iancovici
, Senior Investment Manager, Qualcomm Life Fund
Pieter van Rooyen
, President and CEO, Edico Genome
2:55  3:15 From Google Translate to Translating DNA
Franz Och, Chief Data Scientist, Human Longevity
3:15  3:45 Why Big Bio Needs Tech Innovation
Lucian Iancovici, Senior Investment Manager, Qualcomm Life Fund
Kim Kamdar, Partner, Domain Associates
Francis deSouza, President and successor CEO, Illumina (moderator)
3:45  4:15 Networking Break
4:20 – 4:40 Big Data and Mini MOOCs: The San Diego Innovation Hub
Ilkay Altintas, Chief Data Science Officer, San Diego Supercomputer Center
4:40 – 5:00 Big Data Meets Big Bile: The UC San Diego Microbiome Initiative
Rob Knight, Professor of Pediatrics and Computer Science & Engineering, UC San Diego
5:00 – 5:20 Insert Innovation Here: Gaps & Challenges in Pediatric Genomic Medicine
Stephen Kingsmore, President and CEO, Rady Pediatric Genomics and Systems Medicine Institute
5:20 – 5:45 Big Data Meets Big Biology Startup Pitchfest
John Blume, CSO, Applied Proteomics
Doug Eveland, CIO, CureMetrix
Lance Myers, CTO, Sentrian
Aditya Rajagopal, Founder and CTO, ChromaCode
Naveen Rao, Founder and CEO, Nevana Systems
5:45 – 6:45 Networking Reception 


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*Schedule and speakers subject to change.